Developing the Power of Will – Part 2 of 4

If you successfully completed the previous Developing Power of Will exercise then you will already feel very good about how quickly your willpower is developing.

The second exercise is designed to continue this development, albeit in a different area of life. Your instructions for the second week of this training are as follows:

Developing Power of Will Exercise #2

For the next seven days, you must not speak a word of pessimism, criticism or negativity. Instead, you will speak in an optimistic, encouraging and positive manner. If you cannot say anything positive in a given situation, you must say nothing.

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Many people speak without thinking, and not only does this demonstrate a deficiency in willpower, it can also hurt others and make life seem a lot more negative than it really is. By adhering to a ‘verbal negativity fast’ for seven days, you will develop your power of will and experience life itself from a much more positive perspective.

Controlling the tongue is not easy, because it requires you to think about your words and choose them carefully, rather than allow yourself to be swept in one direction or another by the emotional feeling of the moment. The key to success here is to get into the habit of pausing for a few seconds before saying anything. This will give you the presence of mind required to process your response consciously.

The words that you speak not only influence other people and the universe around you, but the way that you feel within yourself. For example, if you continually tell people that ‘life is hard’ then you will tend feel a lot more stressed and anxious than if you were to remain silent or to actually be deliberately positive and say ‘life is good’.

Look at the people who always seem to enjoy life and you will notice that they regularly speak in positive terms. They do not speak in such a way because they are enjoying life, but rather, they enjoy life because they have developed positive ways of representing it to themselves and those around them.

By the time you have practised this exercise for seven days, the truth of that last statement will be more apparent than you can currently imagine.