Pracownia czarnoksiężnika 3Hello and welcome to Kreafy’s Library – a free online library of occult secrets, magickal methods and esoteric technologies. My name is Francis Kreafy and, as the founder and curator of this dark and hallowed place, I invite you to explore it at your leisure.

Every text, treatise and ritual that is catalogued here is exclusive to this library, so prepare yourself to become acquainted with the kind of material and ideas that you are extremely unlikely to stumble across anywhere else.

The topics covered by the texts that are constantly being added to this library are diverse, and will eventually include everything from Astral Projection exercises and Candle Burning Rituals to Zen-style Meditation instructions and Wealth Magick techniques.

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Visitors of all magickal and occult traditions (or none) are welcome here, so whether you are a chaos magickian, a wiccan, a Thelemite, a follower of the Left Hand Path or simply a curious seeker, please feel free to come inside and browse.

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The information housed here is presented without warranty, for your personal use only, and may not be shared in any way with others without express written permission. Of course, if you wish to point others in the direction of this library so that they can visit for themselves, you may do so.

Whether you arrived at this place deliberately or you were brought here by the oft unfathomable forces of Fate, I bid you welcome once again. May your journey through these torch-lit corridors and candlelit reading rooms provide you with the knowledge and illumination that you seek.