Developing the Power of Will – Part 3 of 4

With the first two Developing Power of Will exercises you have developed your willpower by focusing on fundamental aspects of human life, namely your sleeping and communication habits. In this third Developing Willpower exercise you will focus on a third area of life which could well challenge you even more than the previous two. Your instructions for this week are as follows:

Developing Power of Will Exercise #3

For the next seven days, you shall only eat and drink products which are genuinely wholesome and nutritious. Specifically, your diet should be rich in fruits, vegetables and whole grains, and as far as possible – free of processed foods or those with added sugar. You should also avoid all forms of alcohol and animal products.

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Now, it may strike you that this kind of diet is rather more severe than that of most people, and that is indeed the case. However, it is an extremely healthy way of eating which everyone should experience at least once in their lives, and adhering to it for seven days is a very good way of developing your power of will.

The majority of individuals have no idea how much they allow their base cravings for sugars, fats, animal products and alcohol to control them. In the third week of this training, you will experience your own cravings very clearly. Do not become disheartened by this, but welcome the opportunity to overcome your base urges for such things. You are not required to eat this way forever, but only for seven days.

The benefits of succeeding with this exercise are considerable. As well as strengthening your willpower even further, you will experience a dramatic increase in the amount of physical energy that you have. This is because a wholesome diet which is free of sugars, fats, animal products and alcohol is a lot kinder to the human body. Your body will not have to expend nearly as much energy to digest this diet, and so you will feel a lot more alive and vital as a result.

Many who have somewhat reluctantly developed their power of will by adhering to this strict diet have been surprised to find that they wanted to continue eating more naturally in the future. Although only a minority will choose to embrace the diet as a way of life, almost everyone will choose to eat with more awareness in the future.