Developing the Power of Will – Part 1 of 4

Your ability to work magick effectively depends largely on your ability to exert your Will in a focused manner. The more power of will that you have, the easier you will find it to bring about change on a variety of levels. That said, if you are serious about using magick, you should develop your power of will to its full potential, and in this four-part teaching you will learn how to do just that.

The will can be defined in a number of ways. Many people described the will as ‘resolute self-determination’ or ‘personal resolve’. Longman’s dictionary defines the will as, ‘a mental power by which one controls one’s wishes and intentions.’ For our purposes, the will can be defined as, ‘Volitional effort applied toward a known objective.’ In other words, it is a mental power which manifests whenever you take action that you know you should take.

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Many people complain that they ‘don’t have much willpower’. Some people actually believe that they don’t have any willpower at all. But of course, both statements are quite untrue. All human beings have power of will, just as we all have muscles in our arms. However, as with the muscles in our arms, power of will is stronger in some people than it is in others. Not because some are born with more than others, but simply because some use it more than others and, like a muscle, the more you exercise your power of will, the more it will grow. When you learn to develop and apply your power of will towards specific ends, the results can often be quite miraculous.

Developing and applying your power of will is not a complicated process. In this four-part teaching you will be provided with four separate training exercises to help you increase the strength of your willpower exponentially. It is recommended that you use the first exercise for a whole week before moving on to the second, then use the second for a whole week before moving on to the third, and so on. This will effectively give you a one month training and development course that can’t fail to benefit you.

The first Developing Power of Will exercise sounds extremely simple – and from a technical perspective it really is – but most people find it a lot more difficult than they first imagine. The instructions for this exercise are as follows:

Developing Power of Will Exercise #1

For the next seven days, get out of bed half an hour earlier than usual and spend the first fifteen minutes of this time sitting in the same spot with your eyes closed and your mental focus only on your own inhalation and exhalation.

Most people know that meditation is a valuable practice, but how many actually take the time to do it? This first exercise requires you to do just that, for the first fifteen minutes of the next seven days. If you already meditate then that is good, but you must now get out of bed half an hour earlier than usual to meditate. If you normally get up at 7am and meditate, you now need to get up at 6:30am and meditate.

The earlier time of rising is important, because it is at that time that you will most clearly witness an internal struggle between your base self, which usually wants you to do whatever is easy, and your Higher Self, which usually wants you to do the right thing even when that thing requires self-discipline.

Your task here is to resist doing what feels good, and to instead do what you know you ought to do. This is a magickal training exercise, and as such it does not require you to make a life-long commitment to getting up half an hour earlier than usual. It only requires that you demonstrate your ability to do so for the next seven days.

Some of you – especially the ‘early risers’ among you – will find this exercise relatively easy. But many more will find it very difficult. No apology is offered for that. In order to raise yourself to the next level of ability you first need to face and do battle with your base self. Conquer your desire for a little extra sleep, or to move around the home when you should be sat with your eyes closed in meditation, and you will be surprised at how strong you suddenly feel. After seven consecutive days of such victory, it will seem as if your power of will has multiplied ten-fold. And in truth, that’s exactly what it will have done. At that stage – after seven days of success – you may proceed to the next exercise.

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