Good Luck Magick – Part 3

Principle 2 – The Principle of Detached Expectancy

Once you have started developing the habit of ‘thinking lucky’ by labeling yourself as lucky, you can begin putting the Principle of Detached Expectancy to work. This can best be described as ‘an emotional affirmation’ which serves to speed up the attraction of luck in your life.

For the benefit of those who are new to magick and the occult, it should be pointed out that the emotions experienced by an individual in any given moment affect the quality of energy which that individual emanates. This is because emotion is simply energy in motion. An individual can therefore – by deliberately experiencing certain types of emotions – learn to control the quality of energy that he emanates from moment to moment.

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So, the Principle of Detached Expectancy is simply this:

Deliberately feel as though you are expecting something good to enter your life at any moment. Do not become attached to this event, but simply look forward to it whilst you get on with your usual daily routine. Also, do not speculate about what form this coming good luck will take. Just be content in the knowledge that it is coming – fast!

By adopting this principle, you are charging your personal energy with the expectancy of luck. This expectancy is a pure, unattached desire that actually creates its own outcome. In other words, it is a desire which has the potential and power to bring about its own fulfillment.

The more often you can live by this principle and generate the emotion of detached expectancy, the faster good luck will start coming into your life. And when detached expectancy becomes a habit for you, the good luck will continue to pour into your life – automatically.

The Proof is All Around You

Some people may think that the principles that have been described in this teaching (see Part 1 and Part 2) are too simple to work, but the truth is that they are everything. All ‘naturally lucky’ people use these principles unconsciously and reap the rewards accordingly. Just take a look – the proof is all around for us to see!

Look at those celebrities, politicians, actors and singers once more. Note the lucky ones and you will find that invariably they:

– Label themselves as being lucky when talking to other people.
– Label themselves as being lucky when alone.
– Always look forward to the next ‘lucky break’ that is just around the corner.

The only thing that is currently preventing anyone from experiencing good luck in their lives is the labels they give themselves and the emotion of expectancy they hold on a regular basis. Label yourself as unlucky and you will expect to be unlucky. Consequentially, you will attract bad luck or negativity into your life virtually automatically.

But as you have seen, the converse is also true! Start labelling yourself as being lucky, expect to be lucky and, in accordance with the law of magickal cause and effect, good luck will be manifest in your life just as surely.

So start now. Put the principles that have been outlined to work, and watch your life be transformed to one that is blessed by a continual stream of lucky-breaks, happy coincidences and good fortune.