Good Luck Magick – Part 2

Can increasing the amount of good luck that one experiences in life really be a simple matter of ‘tuning in’ to a different vibrational state? Without a doubt. In fact, if you follow the guidelines revealed in this teaching, you can tune in to a veritable avalanche of good luck within a matter of weeks or even days. This good luck may manifest itself mainly financially, in your relationships, in your career or in other areas of your life, but often it will manifest in all areas simultaneously, breathing success and positivity into every part of your life all at once.

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What is even better about the principles contained in this teaching is that they create much more than a ‘winning streak’. Winning streaks come and go, and the very work ‘streak’ suggests that the spell of good luck is short-lived. Using the principles herein, however, you will create for yourself a ‘winning pattern’ – a template of life that is actually hallmarked by good luck in all its forms. This simply means that rather than being the exception, good luck becomes the norm as far as you are concerned. The golden rain of positive synchronicity will start pouring into your life and will continue pouring until you decide to stop it.

Before the principles of ‘tuning in’ to the vibrational state of good luck are presented, it is important to remind you that giving is always a part of receiving. If you want to receive the maximum benefit from this teaching then consider giving to others by introducing them to this concept directly. Give the gift of knowledge by inviting your friends to visit this library and the pump will be primed. Give, and you shall receive. It is law.

Principle 1 – Label Yourself as Lucky

The first thing that you must do to begin developing a vibrational pattern which attracts good luck into your life is start labeling yourself as a lucky individual.

Everyone gives themselves numerous labels. Sometimes those labels are commonly shared with others – for example when one tells friends, ‘I’m good at that sort of thing,’ or, ‘I’m hopeless at that sort of thing.’ Sometimes the labels are more private, and although one might never dream of sharing them, they are labels all the same. For example, in the privacy of one’s mind a person might think, ‘I am a terrific lover,’ or, ‘I’m a bad employee.’

Both types of labels adjust your vibrational state and cause life to prove you right. For example, if you have labelled yourself as a terrific lover then circumstances and events will manifest which back up that inner label. In other words, you attract the life circumstances which are in tune with the vibrational state of your label.

Having said this, it makes perfect sense that if you want to attract more good luck into your life, you need to start labeling yourself as lucky, both internally and externally.

On the external wavelength, this can be achieved by telling people how lucky you are in life. Look for things which have happened to you which could be attributed to good luck and share these experiences with others to back up your claim. Explain in conversation that, not only have you been lucky in the past, you will continue to be lucky in the future, and that being lucky is a part of who and what you are.

Of course, you should take care not to become boastful when talking to others about how lucky you are. This can be avoided by explaining in the course of conversation that you believe luck to be a trick of the mind, so to speak. Tell your friends and colleagues that you believe you make your own luck by the thoughts you think and the words you affirm in everyday life. Then explain that by telling others how lucky you are, you aim to become even luckier! Have a sense of humour about this. Don’t take the process too seriously. The important thing is that you begin labeling yourself publicly as a lucky person. And should anyone ever comment or hint that you are unlucky, be sure to throw water on that idea as soon as you can.

So that is the external dealt with. To label yourself correctly on the internal wavelength, you need to talk to yourself consciously as often as you can – both aloud and silently. Get a device with an hourly chime facility and, every time you hear the alarm, remind yourself how lucky you are. Think of all the good luck that you have enjoyed in the past and remember how good it felt. Then tell yourself that you will feel good again very soon, because good luck is a natural part of who you are.

If possible, make these affirmations aloud, as this strengthens their power. Mental affirmations, however, can be used whenever your circumstances deem that talking aloud may attract undue attention.

By carrying out these labeling exercises, you are actually changing the way others and you see yourself. You are developing a habit of ‘thinking lucky’ and once this habit becomes an automatic process (after around 21 days of continuous practice) the luck you desire will have begun to manifest itself regularly.

In the final part of this teaching you will be presented with the second principle of tuning in to good luck, but do not wait until then to get started. Begin labeling yourself as lucky today – starting right now – and you will soon be well on the way to experiencing the good luck that is your birthright.