The Magick of Affirmations II

Magick of AffirmationsIn this second teaching on The Magick of Affirmations, we present the instructions for the first two weeks of a ten week affirmations program. Instructions for subsequent weeks will follow in due course.

Of course, simply studying the instructions for this program will have few beneficial effects. You cannot expect merely to read them and automatically become fully empowered with no effort on your part. On the contrary – the benefits can only be obtained if you exercise self-discipline and actually follow through on the program that is presented to you.

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With that in mind, here are your instructions for the first two weeks:

The Magick of Affirmations Program – Week One

Your objective during the first week of this interactive affirmations programme is to decide exactly what you want in your life.

Only by knowing exactly what you want can you begin to affirm this new reality and expect it to manifest accurately on the physical plane of existence.

Sit down for fifteen minutes each day and decide exactly what you want in your life. Think about every aspect of your life: finances, career, relationships, spirituality, family, health – everything and anything which makes a contribution to your life as a whole.

Take each aspect in turn and decide what you would like to experience in that aspect which you aren’t experiencing already. For example, if you currently aren’t as physically fit as you would like to be, you might decide that what you would really like most of all with regards to this aspect is to lose a few pounds and get in shape. Another example: If you currently work as a bank teller but you would really like to write novels for a living, you might decide that you would ideally like to change your career and become a novelist.

Work your way through each aspect of your life and decide exactly what you want to change. As always, write your decisions down and be as specific as possible.

You may wish to focus on one aspect of your life each evening throughout the week or sit down for a few hours and work through all of your life aspects at once. Whichever approach appeals to you most is the one you should use.

The Magick of Affirmations Program – Week Two

To write two affirmations for each of your life aspects.

Writing down your affirmations helps you to focus your thoughts and ensure that the actual affirmation work you will soon begin will be as beneficial as possible.

In Week One you decided what you wanted to experience in every aspect of your life. This week you will transform those desired experiences into present-tense affirmations for use on a regular basis. Your affirmations can be as short or as long as you wish, but they must be specific and written in the present tense.

For example, instead of saying, ‘I want to be a writer,’ a better affirmation would be ‘I am a successful writer of science fiction novels.’ The first phrase creates an astral image of a far-off hope, whilst the second instantly creates a compelling gap between reality as you experience it and reality as you say it is. This gap is what makes affirmation so powerful.

When you say, ‘I am a successful writer of science fiction novels,’ or ‘I live in my ideal home,’ then your subconscious mind notices the difference between your affirmation and physical reality and begins working to make sure that both are in synch. The easiest way it can do this is to attract your ideal home into your life or enable you to start writing successful science fiction novels. Thus your affirmation creates physical reality!

Your affirmations must therefore be written in present-tense. It is strongly suggested that you write your affirmations on index cards – one on each card – so that you can add or remove affirmations as and when necessary without too much fuss.

Two affirmations are required for each aspect of your life. One should affirm the physical quality that you wish to experience and the other should affirm how this quality will make you feel.

For example, ‘I live in my ideal home,’ is a physical quality you want in your life and, ‘Living in my ideal home makes me feel joyful and secure,’ is how you think this quality will make you feel.

By having two affirmations for each aspect, you can easily link emotion to your desire, and as you already know, emotion is extremely powerful as far as the magickal manipulation of reality is concerned.