The Magick of Affirmations

Magick of AffirmationsAffirmations are one of the most powerful tools available to practitioners of magick, and can be used by any individual irrespective of the particular magickal tradition they work in. On one level, affirmations can be viewed as spoken statements that are used to bring about changes in your external reality, but on a deeper level, affirmations can be viewed as extremely powerful vocalised thought-forms which affect the universe, and your place in it, from the moment they are spoken.

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All spoken language is an affirmation of some sort. When you indulge in idle chatter about the way the nation is headed for ruin, you are affirming negativity. When you complain about your work situation being terrible, you are affirming negativity. When you listen to someone’s problems and verbally agree that they have a rough deal which they are stuck with, you are giving a negative affirmation which helps to keep them in that situation.

Of course, few people deliberately intend to affirm negativity on such a regular basis, but the fact is that in many Western countries negativity is so much a part of the collective consciousness that the affirmations come naturally. In other words, people don’t even know they are doing it.

The life you are living right now is the way it is – at least in part – because of the affirmations you have spoken in the past. It doesn’t matter if your life is ‘good’ or ‘bad’ from your point of view; the fact is that you made it that way. If your life is less than what you want then this statement might make you feel a little uncomfortable, but there is a bright side, and it is this:

If you created a life full of negativity with the power of affirmations without even realising it, you can easily create a life full of positivity by using the magick of affirmations deliberately.

To illustrate how affirmations change reality, you can carry out a simple exercise: Read the following passage slowly to yourself, aloud if possible, and take time to really imagine the scenario being described…

You are standing in the middle of a green field. You are wearing a heavy wool sweater which makes your skin itch. The sun is high in the sky to your left. The sun is hot. It beats down on your face. You are perspiring heavily and your sweater begins to irritate you even more. It sticks to your skin, clinging and itching at the same time. Your only desire right now is to take the sweater off.

Having completed that exercise, how do you feel, compared with before? Are you more or less relaxed that previously? Do you feel warmer or cooler? Are you more comfortable or less so?

Most people find that this exercise tends to make them feel less comfortable than they were previously, and perhaps you are one of them. Yet all that you have physically done is read one paragraph of text, so what causes the change in feeling that the reader experiences?

The answer is that the words became a thought-form as you added the magickal power of your own imagination during the reading. When you read the text aloud, your consciousness focuses on what the words represent, creating thought-forms on the spiritual plane of existence. Your spiritual or energetic self, being acutely aware of what happens on this plane, experiences the conditions as though they are real, and that manifests itself in a physical state of greater discomfort.

This simple example illustrates how even basic affirmations automatically create powerful thought-forms which are instantly manifested on the spiritual plane. Continued use of such affirmations would mean that this manifestation would also occur on the physical plane of existence.

Thus, once again, as has been stated many times before in the teachings here at Kreafy’s Library, your thoughts have changed your reality.

Now consider a typical Western nation, where, out of habit, the majority of the population complain about the weather, the government, the economic situation and a host of other things. This means that millions of people are producing negative affirmations which manifest themselves like self-fulfilling prophecies.

Imagine what life would be like if people habitually affirmed more positive conditions. What if every person alive got into the habit of affirming the benefits of any given weather situation, or of how efficient the government and how productive the economy is? What if everyone harnessed the power of affirmations to deliberately create the type of country, and the type of world, that we would all want to live in?

Such mass positivity might not happen overnight, but it doesn’t have to for you to benefit from affirmations on a person level. By employing the magick of affirmations, you can experience unlimited levels of abundance, joy, happiness, romance, success, power or whatever else you want. All you have to do is make a commitment to using the magick of affirmations deliberately instead of accidentally.

The rest of this series is geared to helping you to transform your life dramatically by harnessing the mighty power of affirmations. Taken as a whole, it provides nothing less than a complete ten-week program which – if followed properly – will totally revolutionize your life.