The Magick of Affirmations III

Magick of AffirmationsIn our previous teaching on The Magick of Affirmations we provided instructions for the first two weeks of our ten week Magick of Affirmations Program. We now present instructions for the remaining weeks…

The Magick of Affirmations Program – Week Three

Now that you have written two specific and present-tense affirmations, you are ready to begin the act of changing your life. This week you will use your affirmations five times each day.

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Regular use of affirmations creates ‘astral blueprints’ or thought-forms which, when strong enough, will manifest themselves as material realities.

Every day this week, read your affirmations aloud, fusing them with emotion. Do this exercise five times each day. The recommended schedule is for you to read your affirmations at 7am, 11am, 3pm, 7pm and 11pm, although of course this schedule can be adjusted according to your work and sleeping habits.

When reading your affirmations, do so with a great deal of thought. Understand that, as you read each affirmation with feeling, you are creating a powerful astral blueprint of your desires. The more emotion you can put into your affirmations, the stronger these blueprints will be.

To make it easier to generate emotion, close your eyes and see the affirmation in your mind as though it were already a reality. Then get excited about it.

For example, if one of your affirmations is ‘I am a successful science fiction novelist,’ then you should see yourself writing successful science fiction novels. Feel the joy you have when writing fiction for a living and the excitement you get when you see one of your books on the shelves of your local bookstore or on the Amazon web site.

Feel this emotion as strongly as you can, for emotion is energy in motion and will increase the power of your affirmations exponentially.

Carrying out this exercise five times each day for the whole of this week will create a super-charged blueprint which may manifest itself very quickly indeed if you continue with this program.

The Magick of Affirmations Program – Weeks Four to Ten

Your objective for weeks four to ten is to take as many action steps as you can to help manifest your affirmations.

Actions are the channels through which affirmations can manifest quickly and most easily. By taking actions towards your affirmations, you speed up the manifestation process dramatically.

Continue using your affirmations as previously described, but now affirm just three times each day: once upon rising in the morning, once at the middle of the day and once before retiring to bed.

In addition to making these regular affirmations, take at least one action towards the manifestation of your affirmations each day. For example, if you are affirming, ‘I am a successful science fiction novelist,’ a suitable action might be to set up a place at home where you can begin writing. Another action might be to purchase writing equipment. Yet another action might be to start writing your first novel.

Similarly, if you are affirming, ‘I am in the best physical shape of my life,’ a suitable action towards manifestation might be joining a local gym or fitness group. Another might be obtaining a few books on how to live a healthier and stronger life through exercise and nutrition.

By taking at least one action each day, you are actually drawing your desire closer to your life on the physical plane. The ‘gap’ between your reality and your affirmed reality gets ever-smaller until one day your astral blueprint makes the final ‘jump’ into manifestation.