Visualization Training 2

In the first part of this Visualization Training series you were assigned an exercise that was designed to help you improve your visualization skills, and that exercise involved focusing your imagination on one specific sensory experience (such as a sight, sound, smell, taste or tactile sensation) at a time. Assuming that you have used that exercise for seven days, you can now move on to the second visualization training exercise…

Visualization Training Exercise #2

As before, this exercise presents a list of instructions which you should read, one line at a time, before closing your eyes and carrying out the imagination prompt provided. The difference here is that the prompts will require you to imagine an experience that combines two or more sensations at the same time. The list for Visualization Training Exercise #2 is as follows:

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Imagine holding a pebble above a pond. Feel the pebble in your hand, and then let it go. Watch the pebble fall and hear the sound that it makes when it hits the water. See the ripples that it makes in the surface of the pond.

Imagine walking barefoot on a beach. Feel the warm sand beneath your feet. Hear the sound of the waves lapping against the sand as you approach the edge of the ocean. Feel the water against your feet as the waves roll to meet you.

Imagine bouncing a basketball on an empty court. Feel the ball as it rises to meet your hand and you push it back down to the floor. Hear the sound that it makes as it bounces back. Throw the ball into the net. Hear the ball swoosh through the net and return to the floor.

Imagine sitting in front of an open log fire with a glass of red wine in your hand. Hear the sound of the fire crackling. Watch the flames dance. Smell the wood burning. Bring the glass to your lips and smell the aroma of the wine. Take a sip and imagine how the wine tastes.

Imagine standing beside an outdoor swimming pool on a warm and sunny day. You are wearing a swimsuit. Bend down and dip your hand in the water. Hear the water ripple as you do so. Feel the warmth of the water on your skin. If you wish, climb down into the pool and imagine how your body feels as you descend into the refreshing liquid. Notice the faint smell of chlorine in the pool water.

As with the previous exercise, you should aim to run through this list at least once a day for seven days. Do not rush through the instructions, but invest as much time as you need to visualize the experiences described as fully as you are able.