Visualization Training 3

Having previously improved your visualization skills by focusing first on specific sensory experiences and then by imagining situations that combine two or more sensations at the same time, you can now move on to work with the third and final visualization training exercise. In this exercise you will learn to visualize more effectively in three dimensions by recreating familiar real-world experiences in the privacy of your imagination.

Visualization Training Exercise #3

This is an open-ended exercise that should be practiced for five minutes on the first day and then for five additional minutes on each subsequent day, up to a maximum duration of half an hour. Your eyes should be closed for the whole of this period, so it is recommended that you set a timer to make you aware of when the exercise should be concluded. It is also recommended that you practice this exercise in a comfortable but upright position (sitting on a straight-backed chair, for example) in order to minimise the risk of falling asleep.

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When you have positioned yourself comfortably, close your eyes and use your imagination to recreate the details of the room that you are sitting in. Imagine that your eyes are open and visualize exactly what you would see if that were the case. Take as long as you wish to make the imagined environment as realistic as you can.

Next, imagine yourself standing up and walking out of the room. Use your imagination to visualize exactly what you would see, hear and experience if that were the case.

If time allows, imagine yourself taking whatever route is necessary to leave the building. When you are outside, pause and look around, using your imagination to create the scene around you.

Now continue travelling away from your starting point for as long as you have time to do so. Proceed as slowly or as rapidly as you wish, but focus always on making your visualization as rich and detailed as possible. Use your imagination to create the sights, sounds, smells, tastes and tactile experiences that you would have if you were making the same journey in the physical.

When the timer indicates the end of the exercise period, open your eyes and sit for an additional minute or so in order to ground yourself back in your physical environment.

Whilst you should practice this exercise every day for seven days, you can continue using it for longer if you wish to do so in order to improve your visualization skills even further.

NOTE: It is also worth noting that this exercise can lead some individuals to have spontaneous ‘out of body’ experiences. For more information on this topic, and detailed instructions on how to explore non-physical reality in a deliberate manner, you are invited to download a free PDF copy of Astral Projection Made Simple.