The Magick of Affirmations IV

Magick of AffirmationsThe ten week Magick of Affirmations Program that we have detailed previously is immensely powerful. It synchronises the four vital steps of habitual affirmation, visualization, emotion and action and makes it possible for you to achieve whatever you want in your life.

We know of many people who have used this program and radically changed their lives as a result. One young woman went from being a shy, awkward character with no job or money to becoming a self-confident entrepreneur in the competitive world of advertising. Another student followed the program and went from being ‘stuck’ in a rut of poverty to travelling the world, happily working on cruise ships and in the countries he had always dreamed of exploring.

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There are no limits to what you can achieve if you set your mind to it. You can be, do and have whatever you want. All you need is what you now have – a complete program based on the undeniable magick of affirmations.

NOTE: When you have completed the ten week Magick of Affirmations Program you should continue using affirmations on a daily basis: once upon rising, once at the middle of the day and once before retiring. Your affirmations can, of course, change from time to time in accordance with new experiences that you wish to manifest in your life.

The Misuse of Affirmations

As you have already seen, affirmations are tremendously powerful and can help you to achieve a lot of positive things in your life. In the wrong hands, however, the magick of affirmation can be very dangerous indeed.

A few practitioners of the magick of affirmation have been known to use their knowledge of this art in an attempt to control and manipulate other people. They word their phrases carefully in order to try and ‘program’ another person on a subliminal level and thereby influence them. Thus you hear stories on the news about a new cult leader who ordered his followers to commit suicide and watched them obey. You hear stories of corruption in the government, police force and other organisations.

Whilst the magick of affirmation can undoubtedly be used to try and control other people, we strongly advise against this. Our philosophy of empowerment is that you should become all you can be and at the same time you should help everyone around you reach their full potential. Achieving empowerment by controlling others – whether through ‘mind-control’ affirmations or any other technique – will only prove to be self-defeating in the long term.

Of course, you should also be on your guard against being controlled by others. The best way to do this is to rely on your own affirmations and the voice of your inner guide within when making any serious decisions, and so on. If you do this then the manipulative magick of affirmation via dogma, corrupt officials, mind control or any other medium will not have any hold over you.

Become self-reliant. Choose your own words, thoughts and destiny. And be empowered!