How to Make Magickal Talismans and Amulets

Before continuing, please be sure to have read How to Make Magickal Talismans and Amulets – Part 1.

Step 3 – Design an Inscription
Whether or not your chosen form has any innate correspondence with your defined magickal objective, you should design an inscription that will make the talisman or amulet your own unique power object. The design of the inscription can be as simple or intricate as you wish, and it can comprise words (in any language), imagery, or a combination of both words and imagery. The only rule is that your inscription must represent, to you, the desired magickal objective.

For example, if you have selected a banknote as your chosen form for a Wealth talisman, your inscription could be as simple as a currency sign ($, £, €, and so on) drawn in green ink (green is traditionally associated with money and wealth, as well as abundant growth in other areas). On the other hand, you might prefer your inscription to depict a mighty oak tree, because you associate trees with wealth and abundance, and you might also prefer to depict that tree bearing currency symbols for leaves.

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It is recommended that you experiment with several inscription ideas in a notebook before settling on a final design, as the act of designing one inscription can itself inspire different ones that resonate with you more deeply. Spend as long as you like on this activity so that you design an inscription that you are completely happy with, rather than rushing and regretting your haste later.

Step 4 – Inscribe the Form
The act of inscribing your chosen form with your inscription is itself a magickal act, so you should carry it out with the care and solemnity it deserves. Make sure that you will not be disturbed, arrange your environment in such a manner that befits the task at hand (dimming the lights, burning incense, and so on) and give the inscription your complete attention.

You can inscribe your chosen form in whatever manner best suits that form. Paper and card can be inscribed with any kind of waterproof ink, a metal surface can be engraved or painted with a metal-friendly substance, wood and leather can be carved into, and so on.

Take your time when inscribing your form so as to do it to the best of your ability. You do not need to produce a work or art, so do not worry about replicating your design perfectly, but do make sure that you focus your mind on the meaning of the design as you inscribe it.

Step 5 – Charge the Form
The fifth and final step to creating a magickal talisman or amulet is to charge the form with your personal spiritual energy. It is this step that transforms the object from a simple personal effect into a genuine object of magickal power, so you should once again make sure that you will not be disturbed for the duration of the charging. Also take whatever steps you deem necessary to prepare the environment for the event, such as dimming the lights and burning incense.

With the environment prepared, sit in a comfortable position and set your inscribed form before you. Close your eyes and take seven slow, deep breaths to calm and centre yourself, then use your visualization ability to imagine, as vividly as you can, living with the desired condition in your life. Be sure to invest this visualization with as much emotion as you can muster.

For example, if you are creating a talisman for Business Success you would imagine experiencing everything that such success would mean to you. You might imagine shaking hands with someone as you close a big deal, winning awards, seeing yourself on the cover of an industry magazine, opening a new international office, and so on. You would allow yourself to feel emotions of pride, success and achievement.

Allow the emotion of experiencing the magickal objective build within you, and imagine it filling you with an incredibly bright energy. See the light of the energy intensify as you continue to experience the emotions, and then, when the emotions are at their peak, open your eyes and take the inscribed form into your hands. Visualize the energy of the emotions radiating like laser beams from your eyes and into the inscribed form in your hands. Imagine the inscription glowing with the same intense light as the charging takes place.

Now close your eyes and, as before, take seven slow, deep breaths, and allow yourself to relax. Continue sitting for as long as you feel inclined to do so, then open your eyes when you are ready.

Using Your Power Object
At this stage your inscribed form is a fully-fledged power object. You should carry it on your person as you go about your daily business, and every time that you notice it you should visualize the inscription glowing as intensely as it did during charging. There is no more effort to be invested – simply remind yourself from time to time that your talisman or amulet is working around the clock on your behalf to bring more and more of the desired condition into your life, and enjoy the results.