Manifesting with the Magick of Focus

The key to manifesting what you want in your life is your ability to control and direct your mental focus. Whatever you focus on expands in your life because, quite simply, this is how the universe works. If you focus on lack or failure, you will experience more lack or failure. If you focus on prosperity and success, you will experience more prosperity and success.

Now this concept is not new, and you may have heard it before. You may have even tried to focus on certain things, and failed to create the kind of manifestations you desire. If this is the case, then you are not alone. Many people think that they are using this principle properly, but they aren’t. When they finally understand where they are going wrong, they are able to correct themselves, and suddenly, it is as if they have flicked a switch somewhere, because the manifestations of their desires then come thick and fast, almost without effort.

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The number one reason why people fail to manifest their desires is because they focus on what they do not have. What you focus on expands in your life. That much is true. Where most people go wrong is to focus on a desire for something that they do not have. As a result, the occult mechanics which govern this magickal principle expanded the not having!

For example, there may be someone who wants money, so they focus on wanting money. Nothing happens. They may try to get money in many ways, but something always seems to stop them from getting it. This is simply because they are focusing wanting money, so all they expand is the idea of wanting money and that is exactly what they continue to manifest – a condition of ‘wanting money’.

When the same person understands this principle, they can change their approach and start focusing on the money they already have. They may not have much, but they certainly have something, and it doesn’t matter how little – the biggest oak trees always grow from acorns. A person may have a modest income, or perhaps just a few dollars, but they can focus on the money that they have and appreciate it. That money will then expand quite naturally, with no stress or striving involved.

Without a doubt, this principle is incredibly potent. It is so simple that a child can understand it, but it is also very powerful. Even better, anyone can prove it for themselves by working with the following exercise…

Magick of Focus Exercise

What you focus on expands. You should therefore get into the habit of focusing only on what you have – not on the things that you don’t have. The best way of doing this is to live your life with a grateful heart. Instead of thinking that you would like more money, more health, more success and more happiness, simply be grateful for the money, health, success and happiness which you already have in your life.

You may only have a dollar, but if you focus on this one dollar and appreciate it, you will soon have two dollars. Then four. Then eight. And before you realise what is happening, you will be prospering – automatically and effortlessly.

The same applies to health, success, happiness and anything else that you want. Be thankful for what health, success and happiness you already have – no matter how small their quantities may be – and the act of focusing on what you have will automatically lead to those things expanding in your life. At the same time, avoid thinking in terms of lack or limitation. If you focus on what you lack, or of the things which limit your life, all you will do is expand that lack and limitation.

Be grateful for all that you have and you will have more. Be resentful of what you lack and you will lack more. This applies to relationships as well as everything else. If you focus on negative traits in your partner or in friends or family members, those negative traits will expand and annoy you even more. Instead, focus on all that is good about your partner, or your friends and family members, and watch how their good points expand.

The next time you find yourself focusing on what you do not have, or on what you do not want in your life, correct the situation by immediately focusing on what you do have and what you do want. It will take a little time before this becomes an automatic way of thinking for you, but when it does, you will find that manifesting through the magick of focus is far easier than you ever imagined.