Magickal Streams and Channels

There is often a great deal of confusion and misunderstanding on the matter of how the results of magickal workings are manifested on the physical plane, particularly amongst those who are new to the subject.

A fairly common assumption – and one which has unfortunately been propagated by numerous movies, novel and television shows – is that the results of a successful working should manifest both quickly and dramatically, and often in violation of physical laws. These false notions tend to give newcomers to magick quite unrealistic expectations, and they can actually hinder a person from experiencing the magickal success that might be gained otherwise.

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Magick is not yet understood (or even recognised) by science, but that does not mean that it works in any way which contravenes the laws of the physical universe. It is far more likely that magick works according to perfectly rational laws which have yet to be discovered or defined. Whatever the case, to expect the results of a magickal working to defy the laws of physics is to set oneself up for failure.

What we do know is that we live in a world of cause and effect. That is a rock-solid principle which all magickians need to take into account if they are to get the results they desire from their efforts.

To illustrate this point in a rather obvious way, consider the magickian who performs a working to win a lottery jackpot, but who neglects to buy himself a ticket for the game in question. No matter how sincere his desire to win is, and no matter how effective his magick tends to be, his failure to buy a lottery ticket is a very real stumbling block to success. Of course, his magick could still work (he could be gifted a ticket by a friend or work colleague, for example), but he has effectively made it far more difficult for the effects of his magick to manifest in his life, because he has not given thought to the physical means by which they are most likely to show up.

Before performing any magickal working which is intended to bring about change in the external world (as opposed to psychological or other internal changes), you should always ask yourself if you have the necessary streams and channels in place which will allow the effects of your magick to reach you. In other words, if you want to use magick to win a lottery, you need to make sure that you have bought a ticket, and if you want to use magick to get a new job, you need to start applying for the kind of jobs that you want so that your ideal employer possesses the contact details he needs to make you a job offer.

The difference between a stream and a channel is simply one of size. A stream is a minor potential route by which the results of your magick can flow into your life, whilst a channel is a major route.

For a magickian who performs a working to accumulate wealth, the purchase of lottery tickets sets up a stream, but if he also starts his own business then he sets up a channel, because wealth more often flows to people via businesses than it does via lottery games.

Ideally, you should set up both streams and channels for the things that you want to create in your life through magick. The more magickal streams and channels you create, the more effective your magick will be, because you are ensuring that there are plenty of ways by which the results of your workings can reach you.

A woman who works magick to attract her ideal lover may well succeed by simply bumping into that person at work, or as she is walking down the street, but if she also joins a handful of online dating sites and gets into the habit of attending more social events in person, she will have plenty of other streams and channels by which her ideal lover can reach her.

This establishment of various streams and channels might sound rather mundane, but then so are the results which are often being pursued. If you want more ‘mundane’ money to flow into your life, you need to set up some ‘mundane’ channels by which it can get to you. Magick may well be the thing that you use to set causes in motion, but the results will need to have a way of reaching you in a way that doesn’t violate the laws of physics. After all, the chances of cascades of banknotes pouring down on you from the sky are slim to say the least.

With this simple truth in mind, consider making the establishment of magickal streams and channels a regular part of your practice. It could well turn out to be just the thing that you need to get tangible results flowing faster than you ever thought possible.