Sigil Magick

Sigil Magick (also known as sigilization) employs a visual symbol (the sigil) to represent a stated outcome that is to be achieved through magick. It is a type of magick that has been used for centuries, and there are many reference books – some going as far back as medieval times – that are full of sigils which the modern practitioner of magick may or may not choose to experiment with. That said, most of today’s magickians prefer to create their own sigils so that the symbols they use reflect their intentions in a more personal and potent way.

There are several different methods of creating sigils, and every magickian has the freedom and right to develop his own. However, for those who do not feel the need to reinvent the wheel, here is a straightforward method which has proven to be just as effective as many others, and which is often used by those in the Chaos Magick tradition (or non-tradition, to be more accurate).

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First, write down your desired outcome as if you are already experiencing it as reality. In other words, write the statement in the first person and make it completely positive. For example: ‘MY RELATIONSHIPS ARE HAPPY AND FULFILLING’ or ‘I AM NUMBER ONE SALESMAN IN MY COMPANY’.

Next, remove all of the vowels and all repeated consonants that appear in your statement. For example, if you wanted to create a sigil for ‘I AM NUMBER ONE SALESMAN IN MY COMPANY’ you would remove the vowels and repeated consonants to be left with the remaining letters ‘MNBRSLYCP’.

Now take a sheet of paper and combine the shapes of the remaining letters to draw a symbol. You can combine lines, exaggerate the shapes of the letters to fit a desired design or otherwise exercise your artistic licence as you do this. The important thing is that, when you have finished, you have a single image that has been created from all the remaining letters. This is your sigil – a visual representation of your stated desire.

Having created your sigil, all that remains is for you to charge it, and you do that by following a very similar procedure to the one given for ‘Charging the Icon’ in the previous teaching on Sex Magick. The idea is to hold the image of the sigil in your mind (or actually have it in front of you) and to concentrate on it at the point of orgasm. This invests the image with an enormous amount of creative energy (so creative that it is, in the right circumstances, capable of creating new life) and sets the wheels in motion for the outcome it represents to be created here on the Earth plane.

The instructions for charging the sigil can be summarised as follows: Embark on the sexual experience and try to keep your mind focused on the objective that you are working towards throughout. Do not rush the process, but allow the journey to orgasm to unfold at a natural and unhurried rate. Then, when you feel yourself approaching orgasm, aim to concentrate solely on your sigil. You can either visualize it in your imagination or look at the actual image. When you finally reach orgasm, imagine your sigil being charged with all the power of the sexual energy that you unleash.

There are other ways of achieving the state of gnosis that is required to charge a sigil, but the gnosis that arises naturally at the point of orgasm is the simplest, safest and most convenient, so it is perfectly fine for the vast majority of applications.

Having charged your sigil in the manner described, it is customary to destroy it and, as far as possible, to cast this magickal working from your mind. Paradoxically, the more completely you can forget about the sigil, the more effective the associated working will be.