Sex Magick

Sex Magick is any type of magick that uses sexual energy to bring about a desired outcome. Although some people assume that sex magick is an activity which is engaged in solely for erotic pleasure, that is not the case. On the contrary, sex magick is primarily a creative activity, and any erotic pleasure that is experienced in the course of a sex magick ritual is of secondary importance.

Sex magick is a rather unique type of magick because it harnesses one of the most powerful forms of energy that a human being can tap into. The sexual urge in humans is extremely potent, and the point of orgasm involves the forceful release of powerful energy. That energy is not usually focused towards any specific end in most cases, but a magickian can use it to achieve virtually any goal he wants to achieve.

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The successful use of sex magick is not complicated, and one only needs to follow a few simple steps to start bringing about any desired result, as follows:

Step 1 – State Your Outcome
First, you should state exactly what you want to achieve via your intended sex magick ritual. Be as specific and concise as possible, and write the outcome down.

For example, you might write, ‘Secure a promotion at work’, ‘Attract a windfall of $200 or more’ or, ‘Attract my Soul Mate’.

Step 2 – Choose an Icon
Next, you need to choose an icon that represents your stated outcome. You could draw a simple image or shape that represents that outcome (that is the approach used in Sigil Magick, which will be discussed in a separate teaching), or it could be an auditory icon, which is a word or mantra that symbolises your desired outcome.

For example, if you wanted to ‘Secure a promotion at work’ you might draw an arrow pointing up against a square background. The square here would represent your place of work, whilst the arrow would represent you being promoted. If you wanted to use an auditory icon, and your desired outcome is to ‘Attract my soul mate’, you might choose to take the first two letters of each of those words to create the single word mantra ‘ATMYSOMA’.

It is not important that your chosen icon conveys your chosen objective to anyone but yourself (unless you will be working with a partner), so feel free to be as quirky and individual as you like.

Step 3 – Charge the Icon
You are now ready to charge the icon, and you do that by engaging in sexual activity and making sure that the icon is in your mind at the point of orgasm. Contrary to popular belief, most magickians employ sex magick as individuals, and masturbate themselves to orgasm. Of course, if you would prefer to work with a consenting partner then you may do so – simply ensure that your partner is aware of your icon and what it represents, and ask them to have that icon in mind when they also reach orgasm, as that will double the sexual energy that is harnessed for magickal purposes.

Whether you proceed alone or with one or more partners, try to keep your mind focused on the objective that you are working towards throughout the sexual experience. Do not rush the process, but allow the journey to orgasm to unfold at a natural and unhurried rate. Then, when you feel yourself approaching orgasm, aim to concentrate solely on your icon. If your icon is an image, you can either visualize it in your imagination or look at the actual image. If your icon is auditory then you can chant the mantra over and over as you approach and experience orgasm.

When you finally reach orgasm, imagine your icon being charged with all the power of the sexual energy that you unleash.

NOTE: The amount of time that it will take for your magickal purpose to be realised will vary, according to the scale of the goal being pursued and your ability to concentrate your mind and energy throughout the sex magick ritual. That said, most magickians agree that a sex magick working, as just described, tends to bring results far faster and more reliably than almost any other method.