Magickal Charisma

Magickal CharismaMagickal Charisma is something that can help you to become more influential when communicating with others, giving you a magnetic personality and what people will generally perceive as ‘a certain something’ which draws them to you. This trait can be extremely useful in all areas of life, but particularly in business and romantic or sexual relationships, and you will develop it by creating and using a Charismulet, which is a thought-form amulet that is worn around the neck.

The instructions which follow assume that you have previously studied Thought Forms: An Introduction and Basic Thought Form Creation, so if you have not already done that, please do so now, before continuing.

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The process of generating Magickal Charisma with thought forms comprises four main steps, as follows:

Step 1 – Create A Thought Form Sphere
You should begin by creating a thought form sphere as instructed in Basic Thought Form Creation. To refresh your memory, this involves preparing your psyche, cultivating thought particles and creating a sphere.

Step 2 – Mould the Charismulet
Mould the thought form sphere into a long thin cylinder shape, then join both ends of the cylinder together to create a circular loop, like a necklace. There is no need to imagine the actual sculpting process if that does not come easy to you – simply allow the sphere to reform itself into a circular loop if you would prefer to do that.

Step 3 – Fit and Charge the Charismulet
Place the Charismulet around your neck, as you would a necklace. Once the Charismulet has been placed around the neck, allow it to adjust size automatically so that it fits perfectly and comfortably. Now charge the Charismulet by colouring it black and allowing it to ‘grow’ a red pentagram-shaped pendant which glows intensely. The pentagram can be oriented upright, or inverse, as you prefer.

Step 4 – Reap The Results
By wearing the Charismulet, you will feel and be perceived as having a heightened level of influence and attraction. You may notice that you spend more time on your physical appearance and the manner in which you present yourself to others, and this is a good sign that the thought form is working. It will continue to work for as long as you wear it, though you should focus on the Charismulet daily to keep it at maximum strength.

Additional Notes

1 – If you would prefer a more ornate Charismulet, you can reform the initial shape into one that is more suited to your personality and style. If you would rather use a different amulet shape than a pentagram because another symbol resonates with you more strongly as an attractor, you may do so.

2 – If you would like to wear a corresponding physical necklace then you may do this too. As with the Power Band that you created for Magickal Confidence, the energy from the Charismulet will gradually charge the physical counterpart with similar magickal properties.

3 – You may remove the Charismulet at any time as you would remove any other bracelet or by simply allowing it to dissolve into the ether.