Thought Forms: An Introduction

For thousands of years, mankind has used his unique ability to create internal mental images to manipulate thought energy. The symbolism used in various magickal, occult and religious traditions – from the stone circles of the Druids to the salt circles of the Wiccans – is often just an external representation of an internal image. The real power of these symbols resides in the ‘thought forms’ which inspired them.

Thought forms are energy structures which consist of and are created by the power of thought. Any thought which is nurtured repeatedly and consistently will become a thought form, and when a thought form is created and maintained by attention it tends to attract its physical counterpart into the life of the thinker. You can view a thought form as having more magickal power: than a ‘regular’ thought which is fairly fleeting in nature.

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For example, if a person has a fleeting thought of starting a successful business of their own (as many people do from time to time) then that thought has limited magickal power simply because it is fairly vague and fleeting. However, if a person repeatedly thinks about starting their own business, and gradually adds more and more detail to that thought, it will gain more power.

At this stage, the individual in question will often admit that the thought eventually seems to take on ‘a life of its own’, which means that it doesn’t simply disappear (as most thoughts do) when they focus their attention on other things. Instead, the thought-form of the business continues to exist in the ‘back of the mind’ (or subconscious), gaining even more detail.

At the same time, the individual usually experiences an increasing number of ‘coincidences’ as people, situations and information related to the thought form begin to appear in his life. Of course, this isn’t surprising – the thought form operates as a powerful magickal ‘magnet’ and therefore attracts similar conditions automatically.

The lesson here is clear, and was previously discussed in The Magick of Consistency: we should only give consistent attention and thought to the kind of things that we actually want to experience in our lives. Having a fleeting thought about getting ill is fairly harmless, because fleeting thoughts have a fairly low magickal influence. But consistently thinking about getting ill – for example, by imagining symptoms and conditions in detail – creates an internal thought form which could actually lead the body to manifest that condition.

This phenomenon is known as psychosomatic illness among medical professionals, and has been well documented for decades. What medical science hasn’t documented (because it simply isn’t their field of interest) is that consistently thinking about anything (and thereby creating a thought form) will eventually lead to manifestation of that thing, even if the thought form was created quite by accident.

Magickians and spiritual teachers have known this for thousands of years, and have therefore advised their students to be careful with their thoughts. ‘As a man thinketh, so is he,’ King Solomon wrote in his wisdom-book of Proverbs. ‘Whatever you desire, believe you have already received it,’ was the instruction given by Jesus to his disciples. And the same thread of this most powerful of truths runs through almost every other metaphysical tradition that has ever existed.

Thought forms are most easily created through mental imagery – that is, by imagining thought energy as a ‘thinking stuff’ which can be manipulated, moulded and used in a variety of ways. In the next few posts here at Kreafy’s Library we will discuss several ways of using thought forms that are rarely mentioned in such an open manner, and our next article will provide you with instruction on the basic creation of thought forms for the automatic attraction of the conditions you desire.