The Magick Box

Imagine being in possession of a simple physical device which, if used properly, could increase your magickal effectiveness many times over. It is a fantastic notion, to be sure, but it is also a completely realistic one, and in this tutorial, you will learn how to obtain and use such a device so that you can explore its possibilities for yourself.

The device being referred to is a Magick Box. This is a box which is acquired or created for the specific purpose of helping the magickian to focus his or her energies in a more concentrated and efficient manner. That increased focus and efficiency then translates to better and faster results in the external world, and when you have worked with a Magick Box once, you will probably want to do so again and again.

A Magick Box can be used to help you achieve almost any outcome by magickal means. Whether you want something relatively minor, such as the solution to a pressing but non-urgent problem, or something much more important, such as a new job or a relationship breakthrough, a Magick Box could help you to get results faster than you may currently believe possible.

How to Make and Use a Magick Box

The first thing that you need to do is acquire a suitable box which you can put to work as a magickal device. A wooden box is preferred, and any type will suffice, so you could in fact make one yourself if you have the time, skill and inclination. That said, a faster – and often more aesthetically pleasing – approach would be to purchase a hand-carved box which is intended for the storage of keepsakes and jewellery. Such boxes are relatively inexpensive, but will last many years, and could help you to achieve many satisfying magickal outcomes in that time.

Next, decide on your magickal objective. Be as specific and clear as possible, and then write your desired outcome on a piece of paper which has been cut to fit the inside base of your box. Parchment or parchtone paper is ideal, but not essential, for this purpose. The important thing is that you write down your objective in specific terms and as if it has already been achieved. For example, instead of writing, “I will get a promotion at a higher salary” you should write “I have received a promotion and a 20% increase in salary”.

Your next task is to gather three items which you associate with the achievement of your desired objective. You can, if you wish, choose any three objects, but ideally, one should be a corresponding herb (a book such as Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs will help you to identify an appropriate herb), one should be a corresponding stone, crystal or metal (see Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gem & Metal Magic) and one should be a colour picture of the desired outcome.

Now, take the box and set it down in a location where you will be able to leave it undisturbed for as long as is necessary, whether that be days or weeks. That done, lay the written declaration, with the writing face-up, on the bottom of the box, and then sprinkle a pinch or two of the selected herb on top. Set the stone, crystal or metal in the middle of the piece of paper, and lay the picture face-up on top.

At this point, you should close your eyes and visualize the desired outcome having already been achieved. Feel the emotion of success as strongly as you can, and then open your eyes and imagine the box being filled with that magickal energy of success. When the box is charged to the brim in this manner, close the lid and leave the box undisturbed.

You should now go about your usual business and invest effort towards the achievement of your goal using mundane methods, and at the same time spend a few minutes each day topping up the charge of the closed box by visualising success and adding that emotion of success to the energy which the box already contains. DO NOT OPEN THE BOX until your objective has been achieved.

Discover the Power for Yourself

This relatively simple procedure doesn’t take long to carry out, but it can help you to release some very powerful and positive magick into your life. You should only ever put one desired outcome into a Magick Box at any given time, but you can, if you wish, create several boxes and thereby pursue several objectives at the same time. Of course, once any objective has been reached, you may open and re-use the corresponding Magick Box for another outcome, as you desire. Begin today, and you will soon discover the power of the Magick Box for yourself.