Audio Sigil Magick

As we have discussed previously, sigil magick involves creating a visual symbol, or sigil, which represents a desired outcome, and then charging that sigil with energy before casting the working out of your mind. That approach to sigil magick is very popular and effective, but it isn’t the only one around, and today we would like to share an alternative method which employs an audio sigil rather than a visual one.

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Audio sigil magick involves creating an audio sigil to represent your desired outcome instead of a visual symbol. The audio sigil is then charged, but instead of destroying it afterwards, it is deliberately embedded into your everyday life in such a way that it blends into the fabric of your daily reality rather than being completely cast out of your mind.

Contrary to some popular teachings on the topic, the forgetting of a sigil is by no means essential for it to work, and some magickians actually have more success when they allow their sigil to remain present in their daily lives in some way. You are therefore encouraged to try the audio sigil approach and discover for yourself whether it is a technique that you might like to use on an ongoing basis.

Creating an Audio Sigil

The first two steps to creating an audio sigil are the same as when creating a visual sigil, so you should begin by writing down your desired outcome as if it had already been achieved. For example, you might write: ‘I AM STRONG, HEALTHY AND VITAL’.

Next, remove all vowels and repeated consonants from your written statement. After doing this, the example statement given a moment ago would be reduced to ‘MSTRNGHLYDV’.

At this stage we need to turn our string of letters into musical notes. One way of doing this is to assign each letter of the alphabet to a particular note, as follows:



























As you can see, the first seven letters of the alphabet correspond to the musical notes A, B, C, D, E, F and G. Subsequent letters of the alphabet are assigned the note at the top of their own column. The letter K, for example, corresponds with the musical note D, whilst the letter Z corresponds with the musical note E.

Having explained how alphabet letters can be assigned a musical note, take your string of letters and write down the corresponding musical note for each. Our example string of letters is ‘MSTRNGHLYDV’, and so our musical notation for this would be ‘FEFDGGAEDDA’.

The next step is to turn that musical notation into music. If you are musically inclined, you could do this be recording yourself playing the sequence of notes (or chords, if you prefer) on a keyboard, guitar or any other instrument. If you are not so inclined, you can also use an online keyboard to play those notes and record the sequence as it is played back. It is entirely up to you whether you play the notes in one octave or in several. Either way, the audible output of your sequence is your audio sigil.

It is strongly recommended that you save your audio sigil in MP3 format (or convert it to that format later) so that you can transfer it to your phone, tablet or most other devices for playback.

Now that you have your audio sigil, you should charge it. To do this, arrange a suitable time when you can be alone and undisturbed. Start the MP3 file playing on automatic repeat and keep your mind focused on your desired objective as you bring yourself to orgasm (see our teaching on Sex Magick for more information on why we do this.)

When you have charged the sigil, you may set aside all conscious thoughts about your desired objective and allow it to manifest in due course. In the meantime, you should incorporate the audio sigil into your daily life by using it as your mobile phone ringtone or as the tone for any alarms you set for yourself on a daily basis. You could also have it quietly repeating in the background as you work, exercise, and so on.

We believe that audio sigils can be at least as powerful as visual ones, but as always, we would rather you reach your own conclusion on that matter, according to your personal experience. That said, we urge you to create and charge an audio sigil this week and test the method for yourself.