Magickal Remote Perception

Magickal Remote Perception is a skill that is similar to both remote viewing (as once explored by the US military) and traditional soul travel or astral projection (as detailed in Astral Projection Made Simple). The big difference with the technique provided here is that a thought form ‘vehicle’ is created so that you can project just a portion of your conscious awareness beyond the physical body.

This technique is best practiced in bed just before sleep, or just after waking in the morning. Do not be overly concerned if you happen to fall asleep whilst using the process, but do pay attention to any dreams that you might have should this happen, as they are likely to contain intuitive knowledge, albeit in a more symbolic form than would have been the case otherwise.

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The instructions which follow assume that you have previously studied Thought Forms: An Introduction and Basic Thought Form Creation, so if you have not already done that, please do so now, before continuing.

Step 1 – Create a Thought Form Sphere
Recline in bed – on your back if possible – and create a thought form sphere as instructed in Basic Thought Form Creation. To refresh your memory, this involves preparing your psyche, cultivating thought particles and creating a sphere. When you have done this, allow the sphere to float approximately one foot above your forehead.

Step 2 – Split Your Consciousness
Next, close your eyes whilst keeping your attention on the thought form sphere. Your task now is to ‘split’ your consciousness so that part of it is housed inside the sphere. This sounds a little complex, but in reality it is very simple. All you have to do is spend several minutes imagining the room from the perspective of the sphere.

In other words, imagine that you are in the sphere looking out, and note what you see. A short distance below you would be your face, some distance above you would be the ceiling, and so on. Although you will still be conscious of your physical body to some extent, the more you focus on viewing the world from the perspective of the sphere, the less you will notice your physical consciousness in the background.

Spend a minute or two focusing on perceiving the environment from the vantage point of the thought form sphere before moving on to Step 3.

Step 3 – Move the Sphere
The third step is to gently move the thought form sphere, being sure to keep part of your consciousness inside it. Moving the sphere is simply a case of willing it in a certain direction. For example, if you want to move it towards your bedroom window, you can merely will it to move in that direction and it will do so.

At first, keep the sphere in the same room and focus on using it to perceive the room from various different positions, such as from beside the window, from the farthest corner or from the middle of the ceiling. This will enable you to get used to perceiving remotely via your imaginative faculty.

When you can confidently perceive the room that you are in, you can move the Remote Perception sphere to a more distant location. Remember that the thought form consists of pure energy, and can therefore pass through physical objects with ease. This means that you can move the thought form through walls, doors, windows or even straight through the roof. Take things one step at a time so that you can confidently perceive the outside of your home, and then the home of a friend, before you start venturing across oceans to other countries and locales.

In the beginning, the greater the distance between the thought form and the physical body, the more time it will take to perceive the environment of the sphere. At first, your intuitive perceptions may be muddy or misty. Do not be concerned about this, as clarity comes with practice and the muddiness will eventually disappear to leave a clear, bright impression of the location.

Step 4 – Return to the Physical
Whenever you want to end this process, you only need to focus your attention on your physical body to return your entire consciousness to it. Should you fall asleep during this process, your consciousness will naturally be wholly in the physical when you awake, just as it is after regular dreaming sleep. And should you ever be disturbed or called during the process, the reflex response of your body will cause your consciousness to ‘snap back’ almost immediately. In all cases, the thought form will disappear into the ether of the universe, so a new one needs to be created every time you use this process.

Take some time to have fun as you explore this process. Enjoy the sensations of weightlessness and complete freedom that it provides. Then, when you are proficient, use the technique wisely and ethically to gain intuitive knowledge of things that are happening in other places. Your intuitive accuracy will increase with practice, so use the process every night if you would like to make the swiftest possible progress.