Developing Intuition Exercise #3

IThis third Developing Intuition exercise is designed to help you tap into your intuitive knowledge when you want general advice, insight or help. Just as The Mirror Technique used a mirror to enable you to stand back from your situation and address it from the perspective of pure awareness and intuitive knowledge, so this third exercise will allow you to express your intuitive knowledge through the written word. To benefit, you will need a notebook, two pens of different colours and around 15 minutes of your time.

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Developing Intuition Exercise #3

The Letter Technique

Begin by deciding what topic you want to explore during the exercise. This could be anything from your magickal progress to your financial plans or personal relationships. Whatever issues you want to explore, make sure that you restrict yourself to one broad topic at a time. This is all that you can reasonably expect to cover in any single 15-minute session.

Settle down in a quiet place with your notebook and pens. Open the notebook and write down any question you like about your desired topic. For example, ‘How can I dramatically improve my financial situation?’

Now put down the pen and pick up the other one. Start examining your intuitive responses. Remember, these can come in the form of words, images or feelings.

When you receive your first intuitive response, write it down as the answer to your first question.

Listen for any further response. If you get one, write that down also. If everything falls silent, switch pens and write another question down in your notebook or, if you feel you have explored as much of the topic as you can (or if the 15 minutes are over) end the exercise.

This exercise can truly change your life – but only if you follow through with what your intuition tells you. Ignore anything that your intuition tells you and you might as well skip the exercise altogether and go fishing.

By using two differently coloured pens in this exercise, you will be able to refer back to your notebook at a later date and see at a glance what questions you asked and what feedback you received intuitively in response to those questions. This can be very encouraging when you see that the advice you received intuitively did in fact help you – sometimes more than you might ever have imagined.

Pay Attention!

It doesn’t matter if you call it a Sixth Sense, or your Higher Self – your intuition is always ready to help lift your life to the highest possible level. But first you have to learn to pay attention to it. The three exercises presented in this Developing Intuition series are excellent starting points in this respect, but after a while you will notice that you can ‘tune in’ to that voice within you any time you choose.

When that happens, make a habit of listening. Then take action. Do this and your whole life will operate more smoothly, more efficiently and – last but not least – you will journey ever closer to the fulfilment of your true, infinite potential.