Astral Sex and Relationships

Astral sex is not a magickal technique, per se, but rather an occult or mystical experience. Astral sex can be defined as a sexual encounter on the astral plane, and that encounter could be with another human being, or with a spirit entity of some description. Sexual dreams are often said to be memories of astral sex experiences which just happen to occur spontaneously, but astral sex is not something which needs to be left to chance. For those magickians who desire such an experience, it is one which can be had consciously and deliberately.

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One of the safest and most reliable ways of experiencing all that astral sex has to offer is by creating a tulpa which is specifically designed for the purpose. This is a rather specialist (and sometimes explicit) topic which is beyond the scope of this post, but it has been dealt with extremely well in a practical guide called How to Create and Use Sexual Tulpas, by Leval Montaine.

According to Montaine, sexual tulpas can serve the magickian in a number of ways. ‘Sexual tulpas can be whatever you want them to be,’ he writes. ‘Although, at one end of the spectrum, they can serve as purely sexual partners, at the other end they can serve as romantic life partners. You would probably want to refer to this type of tulpa as your Astral Lover or Inner Soul Mate if you prefer the romantic relationship, but the creation process is exactly the same.’

That is a rather important point, because astral sex is not always something that magickians enjoy solely for the sexual gratification itself. It is just as often about the magickian having a solid and consistent relationship with a spiritual being, and many of those who enjoy such relationships report that they can be just as fulfilling as relationships with flesh-and-blood partners, if not even more so.

Whilst magickians have long been associated with the idea of having familiar spirits as their guides and companions, the idea of them enjoying full relationships with those spirits has not been so well promoted. Instead, astral sex has often been described in rather negative terms, and the idea that only so-called ‘demonic’ entities (a succubus or incubus, for example) are interested in forming sexual relationships with human beings is unfortunately as widespread as it is erroneous.

Magick is as much about personal transformation and inner satisfaction as it is about bringing about external change in accordance to the will. That being the case, magickians who overlook the many potential benefits of astral sex and astral relationships may be missing out on something that can enrich their lives in a rather profound way. Of course, astral sex can also give the magickian many more opportunities to practice sex magick than they might have if restricting their activities to the physical plane.

For those of you who are interested in pursuing this subject further, we can fully endorse the methods taught by Leval Montaine. His guide, How to Create and Use Sexual Tulpas, assumes no previous knowledge of the subject, and is therefore accessible to anyone who wants to explore astral sex and relationships with one or more tulpas of their own design and creation. For more information, please visit