Three Magick Words

The simplest form of magick ever devised can be summarised in just three words. Those who take the three magick words to heart, and apply them wisely, will discover that they have the power to achieve whatever they set out to achieve. Armed with the three magick words, an individual can achieve great success in any field of endeavour, increase their romantic or sexual attraction tenfold, develop an ideal physique, master any skill and obtain any goal.

Although the magickal working being discussed is extremely simple in concept, it takes practice to apply it effectively. The good news for all concerned is that applying the secret of the three magick words is an enjoyable activity in its own right, and the more one does it, the better one gets at it and the more powerful the magick becomes. Indeed, such is the longevity of this technique that many magickians, having discovered it, go on to use it in one way or another for the rest of their lives.

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So what are the three magick words that encapsulate such a potent and long-lasting technique? They are simply this:

Act as if.

To clarify, a magickian must act as if a desired condition, state or situation is already a reality in order for it to be experienced as a reality. In situations where a magickian speaks in one way and acts in a contrary manner, it is invariably his actions that will determine.

Let those who would complain of working ineffective magick read that previous paragraph as many times as is necessary to understand it thoroughly – before proceeding.

To illustrate how the three magick words can be applied in practical terms, here are two examples of how a magickian can apply the Act as if methodology to the commonly held goals of achieving greater levels of career success and improving a romantic relationship.

Example #1 – Career Success
To achieve greater levels of career success, the magickian would define how he would act if he had already received the promotion or job transfer that he wants. He may decide that he would start going to the office half an hour earlier and staying behind half an hour later. He may also decide that he would attend more industry conferences and business meetings, and that he would keep up to date with the latest developments by subscribing to the most important industry journals.

Having defined exactly what he would do if he already had the career success he desires, the magickian would start acting as if he had already succeeded. He would get to work earlier and stay in the office later. He would attend more conferences and meetings. He would subscribe to the most important industry journals and become one of the most up-to-date people in his company. As a result of all this, he would soon start performing better at work, and his new approach would attract the attention of his superiors. As long as he continues to Act as if, he will soon be experiencing the actual career success that he has been assuming as real in advance.

Example #2 – Improving a Romantic Relationship
To improve a romantic relationship, the magickian would begin by defining how she would act if she were already enjoying the relationship of her dreams. She might decide that she would smile a lot more and think in a more positive way. She might also decide that she would pay more attention to the way she applies her makeup, that she would dress in a deliberately attractive manner and that she would go out of her way to make sure that she was fun to be around and that her romantic partner was as happy as possible. In addition, she might decide that she would be more open and adventurous in terms of her sexual attitude and behaviour.

Having defined how she would act if she already had the improved romantic relationship that she desires, the magickian would start acting that way. She would smile and be more positive, pay more attention to the way she dresses and applies makeup, focus on fun and making her partner feel good, and enjoy a greater sense of adventure in the bedroom. As a result of all this, her partner would soon notice a big difference in her, and would begin responding accordingly. As long as the magickian continues to Act as if, she will soon be experiencing the improved romantic relationship that she has been assuming to be real in advance.

In these two examples of how the three magick words can be applied in practice, the sceptical observer might argue that the ‘magick’ of acting as if is no more mysterious than the proven physical law of cause and effect. However, that does not mean that the principle of the three magick words only works by mundane means, and we will discuss the topic of ‘metaphysical vs mundane’ magick at a later time. For now, the most important thing is to understand that the diligent use of the three magick words is something that never fails to bring about positive changes, so begin using them today as instructed and you will soon start enjoying the results.