The Magickal Mindset

One of the most important keys to a successful working of magick – which we can define as a working that brings definite and tangible results – is the development of something called the Magickal Mindset. This is simply the ability to believe, at will, and on a deep emotional level, that the desired objective has already been achieved.

For example, an individual who wants a promotion at work or an entirely new job must get his mind to a place where he believes that he already has that promotion or job. Similarly, someone who wants to experience a greater amount of good fortune in life must get her mind to the point where she believes herself to already be the luckiest person she knows.

Unfortunately, some people experience some difficulty in developing the Magickal Mindset that is necessary for success. They may well be able to muster a little faith for a few seconds or a few minutes during the magickal working itself, but that faith is soon swamped by disbelief when they turn their attention back to their daily lives. Because our most consistent thoughts determine our experience, a few seconds or a few minutes of belief is not sufficient to overcome hours and hours of disbelief, and so the desired experience becomes exceedingly difficult to attain.

The good news is that anyone can develop a powerful Magickal Mindset that helps them to get bigger, better and faster results from their magickal activities. All that is required is the willingness to invest a little time and self-discipline on a daily basis, and the ability to follow a few simple steps that we will now describe in full so that you can begin taking them immediately.

#1 – Write Your Achieved Desire as a Memory
Obtain a notebook and take yourself to a quiet place for half an hour or so, then write down a diary entry from the viewpoint of your future self after your desire has already been obtained. Your task here is not to describe in great detail how your objective was obtained, but rather to describe how glad you are that you have it in your life. Focus on being specific about what you have achieved, and on the positive feelings that came as a result of you having achieved it.

Example: ‘Well, I finally did it. The boss asked to see me, but I didn’t know what it was about. When I entered his office he told me that he’d been keeping an eye on me, and that he thinks I’m one of the best employees in the company. Then he told me that he wants to promote me to Manager of the whole department. The new position puts me on a salary that’s 50% bigger than it was before. I’m ecstatic. Everything that I’ve worked for has paid off better than I ever imagined. I feel great, and I’m confident that this is just the beginning of something even bigger.’

#2 – Actively Read Your Diary Entry Twice Daily
When you have written your achieved desire as a memory, set aside a few minutes first thing in the morning and last thing at night to read through the diary entry several times. Give this exercise your complete attention, and rather than simply reading the words on the page, use the words to help you trigger the feelings that you have associated with the event having already been achieved. Feel the excitement of having already succeeded and see the success as a done deal. Try to ‘remember’ the diary entry as an actual memory in the past that you are now reliving just for the joy of remembering.

#3 – Use the Memory to Quash Doubts
As you go about your daily business, you may still experience times of doubt where your external conditions appear to contradict the magickal memory you have written. When those times arise, adopt the attitude that your success is simply a big secret for the time being, and that the memory you have written is the true reality which the whole world will know about soon enough. Like the lottery winner who wants to preserve their anonymity for as long as possible, you can enjoy the reality of having already achieved your desire even though nobody apart from you knows about it. They will find out soon enough, but in the meantime you can enjoy keeping the secret all to yourself.

Follow the simple steps outlined and you will quickly develop a powerful Magickal Mindset that will enable you to experience successful magickal workings on a more consistent scale than you ever thought possible. The more you work with this process, the stronger your Magickal Mindset will become, so start today and make it a habit.