Lucid Dreaming

Lucid dreaming is the term used to describe a dream in which you are aware that you are dreaming. It is perfectly possible for most people to train themselves to become conscious or lucid within their dreams, and having done that, to control the content of those dreams according to their own desires. This makes it possible to enjoy all manner of experiences which might never be within your grasp during your wakeful hours.

Learning to experience lucid dreams is not a quick process. It takes time and effort. However, the rewards of success in lucid dreaming, when it comes, will be well worth such effort, and the benefits will in fact last a lifetime. Once you are proficient at lucid dreaming, the experiences that you have in your dreams do not have to be left to chance.

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Those of you who would like to develop the ability to dream lucidly may want to spend some time using the two part technique which follows:

The first part of this technique is to stop whatever you are doing at several points throughout the day and ask yourself if you are dreaming. To check if you are dreaming, look at your left hand and try to grow another finger. If you cannot do this then you are not dreaming.

This exercise may sound rather foolish, but it is nevertheless vital to your progress. If you establish a habit of trying to ‘grow another finger’ then you will eventually do this during your dreamtime, and when another finger does indeed grow, this will indicate to your conscious mind that you are in fact dreaming. This realization will do one of two things: shock you into waking up or give you full lucidity within the dream. New practitioners of this technique tend to wake up, but with persistence lucidity will be achieved.

The second part of this technique should be practiced as you fall asleep in your bed. Get into a regular comfortable sleeping position, but instead of just allowing your mind to drift into unconsciousness, repeat the following phrase over and over in your imagination:

‘This is a dream… I am lucid dreaming… This is a dream… I am lucid dreaming… This is a dream… I am lucid dreaming…’

Eventually you will probably lose consciousness in the normal way, but if you practice this exercise diligently night after night, you will soon find yourself saying, ‘This is a dream. I am lucid dreaming,’ when you are actually dreaming. Again, this realization could make you wake up properly, but eventually it will lead to the achievement of conscious lucidity.

When you do succeed in becoming lucid within a dream, you can take total control of your lucid dreams for whatever purpose you desire.