Magickal Imagery for Material Success

A large percentage of people explore magick in order to improve the level of material success that they experience in life. Whilst money does not equate to happiness, it is a necessary commodity in the modern world, and the truth of the matter is that the more of this commodity one has, the easier day to day living tends to be. It is therefore right and proper that individuals learn to use their magickal ability to create as much material success as they desire.

There are various magickal methods by which one can attain greater levels of material success, but one of the most straightforward involves using visual imagery to create a pattern of desired results on the energy planes, and then giving that pattern time to replicate itself on the material plane. The procedure for doing that is as follows…

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1 – Define Your Desires

First, define exactly what it is that you want in the way of material success. Take a sheet of paper and list those things that are most important to you right now, and aim to be as specific as you can. For example, if you would like a new car you should write down the make, model and colour of the vehicle. If you would like a new house then state the type of property required, how many rooms it should have and the general location.

There is no limit to the number of things that you can focus on using this Magickal Imagery method, so give your mind free reign, allow yourself to be as ambitious as you like and don’t be afraid of wanting too much.

2 – Locate Representative Images

When you have defined your desires, your next task is to locate at least one representative image (more than one is perfectly acceptable) for each one of them. You should locate photo-realistic images if at all possible, and be sure to choose ones that make you excited about the prospect of having the material counterpart in your life.

The best place for finding suitable pictures is in magazines and brochures (for example, you can get pictures of your desired car from a car magazine, and pictures of your desired home from the brochure of an estate agent) but other sources can also be used. The most important thing is to ensure that the images accurately represent what you want, because the Magickal Imagery technique will often give you precisely what the images portray.

3 – Create a Collage

The third step of the Magickal Imagery technique is to create a collage of the images that you have gathered so that all of your desires are portrayed in one place. You can pin your images to a corkboard, or stick them on a poster-sized sheet of paper, but you should ensure that you can hang the resulting collage in a place where you will see it many times each day. If hanging your collage is simply not possible (perhaps because you lack privacy) then an alternative approach is to stick your images in a scrapbook which you will be able to refer to often.

4 – Focus Often

The fourth and final step to this technique is to spend a few minutes focusing on your collage on a daily basis. Simply stand or sit and look at the images on your collage, and as you do so, allow yourself to feel as if they depict the things that you already have in your life. Allow this feeling of ‘havingness’ to become as strong as possible, to the point where you begin feeling genuine gratitude for having these material benefits in your life. Even if your mind argues that these things are not yet in your physical reality, maintain the belief that they are yours on an energy level, and that they will manifest on the material plane when the timing is perfect.

Ideally, you should carry out this exercise three times every day, investing around five minutes of your time in the morning, five minutes in the middle of the day and five minutes in the evening. If you can glance at your collage and revive the feeling of ‘havingness’ at odd moments in between the three main Magickal Imagery sessions, so much the better.

Additional Note

The Magickal Imagery technique can be used to obtain almost any type of material success, and even many types of non-material success that can be accurately represented by an image (for example, happiness, strength or serenity). However, it will naturally take some time for your desires to manifest themselves on the physical plane, and as a rule of thumb, larger magnitude desires take longer to manifest than modest desires, as more energy is required for their manifestation. Allow as much time as is necessary for manifestation to occur, enjoy the process and your patience will be well rewarded.