The Magick of Belief

Belief is without doubt the most powerful tool available to anyone who wants to work effective magick. It is a tool that is truly universal, as it can be used by individuals at all stages of magickal development, from the greenest novice to the most advanced adept. The tool of belief can also be used no matter what magickal or spiritual tradition – or lack thereof – the practitioner may adhere to.

The Magick of Belief can be broadly summarised thus: ‘What you believe to be true, will be true for you.’ Of course, this summary does not give any individual an excuse to demonstrate stupidity by trying to contradict the laws of consensus reality – one should not leap from tall buildings with any expectation of being able to fly, for example – but when applied with wisdom and intelligence the tool of belief can be used to create some spectacular results.

The person you are today is the person that you have always believed yourself to be. If you have succeeded in any area of life then that is because you previously believed yourself capable of succeeding in those same areas. Likewise, if you have achieved anything of which you are proud, realise that you could only do so because you first believed yourself capable of achieving those things.

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Many people complain that the circumstances of life are holding them back from experiencing the success and happiness that they desire, but that is never the case. A person can only be held back by his or her own beliefs about what is possible. Change your beliefs about what is possible for you and your life will change accordingly.

Every human being should set aside some time to examine their beliefs carefully in order to discard those beliefs which are disempowering and to adopt instead new beliefs that will lead to more favourable conditions in life. Do you believe yourself to be an average individual? Then start believing yourself to be exceptional in some way. Do you believe that you are unworthy? Then believe yourself worthy. Do you believe that your magick gets hit-and-miss results? Then start believing that your magick works every time, and for the benefit of all concerned.

It is too late to go back and change the beliefs that you held five or ten years ago, and which brought you to your current experience in life, but you can certainly determine where you will be five or ten years in the future. Simply adopt the beliefs that will take you to where you want to be and trust the magick of belief to do the rest.