Astral Projection Made Simple – Part 3

The Visualization Technique

This second astral projection technique is provided for those of you who can visualize to any extent, and is a preferred method of projecting for anyone who thinks primarily in terms of pictures rather than sensations.

As with the previous technique, begin by making yourself comfortable in bed. Make sure that you are warm and that your clothing is loose, then close your eyes. Spend a good two or three minutes just concentrating on your breathing and allowing your body to relax. Before very long you will find your mind becoming quiet and at the same time you will be receiving fewer impressions from your physical body. In other words, your arms and legs and torso will begin to fall asleep.

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When you have achieved this state of total relaxation, imagine that you can see through your closed eyes. Imagine the ceiling above your physical body as clearly as possible. Spend several minutes doing this if necessary.

Once you can visualize the ceiling, imagine that your astral body (consciousness) begins to float out of your physical body towards the ceiling. See the ceiling appearing closer and closer as you rise up out of your body. Feel the sensation of weightlessness that this brings about.

Float by the ceiling for a couple of minutes, then imagine yourself rolling over in the air and looking down at your physical body. Really visualize you seeing yourself and your environment from outside your body. Explore the room that your body is sleeping in, making sure that your visualization is as clear and vivid as possible.

When you do this regularly, your consciousness will eventually ‘click’ out of the physical and you will not need to deliberately visualize. Instead, you will be able to perceive your environment quite naturally as a floating point of consciousness. At this point you can consider yourself to have projected successfully and you can begin to explore as you wish.

Encouraging Signs

No matter which of the two astral projection techniques you decide to use, there are often some ‘signs’ of imminent projection which you should be aware of. When any of these signs take place, be encouraged that your practice is bearing fruit. Continue your regular practice and projecting your consciousness successfully out of your body is just a matter of time.

The first sign is that of ‘the vibrations’. These are very difficult to describe, but generally make your body feel as though it is tingling with energy. Often these vibrations increase to the point where you may feel that your consciousness is being ‘flip-flopped’ inside your body, or that your consciousness is at the centre of a powerful whirlpool. These signs are not dangerous, and can actually be used to help you increase your projection efforts. In short, if and when they occur, will yourself to float out of your body. This does not always lead to a full projection, but in some cases it can be very effective.

Another common sign is when you hear a sudden, loud noise during the exercise. At first you will want to open your eyes to see what is happening, but in almost all cases nothing physically is happening at all. It is simply a sound which is perceived astrally as the consciousness gets close to leaving the physical body. If you hear these noises you should therefore take heart that you are making good progress.

A third sign that you are making progress is if you suddenly regain full waking consciousness after feeling yourself ‘fall’ back onto the bed from a height. This occurs when you succeed in projecting your astral body a few feet outside the physical, but then something (usually an unconscious fear) causes you to ‘snap back’ into your familiar physical shell. Again, be encouraged if this happens, for it means that you are projecting. All you have to do is try to remain conscious as you do so.

Exploring Non-Physicality

Eventually, if you follow the techniques and advice given in this series, you will succeed in projecting your consciousness into the non-physical planes. When this happens, you are free to explore this new territory as you wish. We do, however, have some recommendations for your early projection exercises:

First of all, spend a few sessions getting used to and enjoying the realm of non-physicality. Enjoy floating around your environment. Maybe do a somersault or two. In short, enjoy your new-found freedom from the somewhat inflexible laws of the physical universe.

Next, spend a few sessions experimenting with the way your thoughts affect the plane you find yourself in. Can you deliberately change your environment or even yourself? If so, how? How might your methods be applied to your normal physical reality, if at all?

A third suggestion is to look for any other signs of intelligence on the non-physical plane. Are there other entities in the vicinity? Can you communicate with them? What do these intelligent beings have to say?

Fourth, consider keeping a journal of your experiences. You can record your activities even as you are learning to project for the first time, and then – when you have succeeded – you can use your journal to write about what you discover on the non-physical planes.

Bon Voyage!

You have now reached the end of this Astral Projection Made Simple series. By now you have all the information you need to start developing your ability to project your consciousness out of your physical body and into the astral realms. You may master this skill quickly, or it may take you several weeks or months, but if you persist you will succeed.

From here, you can continue the journey on your own. Explore the realms that you visit with a real sense of adventure, and when you return to full waking consciousness, try to accurately record what you experienced. By doing this you will be helping to chart what is largely unexplored territory as far as the majority of people are concerned. At the same time, you will be recording your first steps of an adventure which will, in all probability, change your life and the way you view it for the rest of your days.