The Magickal Experiment

Many visitors to this virtual library of occult secrets and esoteric technologies have already experienced enough success with magick to trust in its efficacy, but there are equally as many visitors who are exploring magick from a position of curious interest. It is for the benefit of such open-minded newcomers that The Magickal Experiment was created.

The Magickal Experiment is designed to give any individual the first-hand knowledge that magick is a very real technology which can be used to improve conditions in life. Simply follow the instructions that are provided below for the next thirty days and you will soon have all the ‘proof’ you need that magick is genuinely workable and that you, personally, have far more magickal potential than you may currently realise. When you have acquired that experiential assurance, you will feel much happier investing time into developing your magickal abilities further, because you will know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that your efforts will be productive.

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The instructions for The Magickal Experiment are as follows:

For the next thirty days, every time you catch yourself worrying about a current situation or a future possibility, take a moment to remind yourself that you are a magickian, and that you have control over your own life. Decide that the situation will now unfold in a way that benefits you and everyone else who is involved and really generate the feeling that everything will work out as you say. When you have done this, let go of all concern and watch as the issues gradually begin to resolve themselves.

For the next thirty days, every time you genuinely need something, specify exactly what is needed and command the universe to provide it. Having done that, develop the feeling that your command has been fulfilled, and that the object or situation of your need is already being manifested.

For the next thirty days, remind yourself that, as a magickian, the energy you send forth into the world determines the nature of the energy that you will receive back. That done, deliberately project positive, generous and creative energy, then watch as the universe responds and reflects the same things right back into your own life.

If you diligently carry out these three simple instructions, you will very soon find that you begin to benefit from a whole series of happy ‘synchronicities’ or ‘coincidences’. These are not coincidences at all, of course, but rather events that you have brought into being yourself via some very simple magickal principles.

Having used The Magickal Experiment to prove the efficacy of magick itself, you can then commit yourself to studying the subject in more depth, and applying your new knowledge more earnestly, in order to achieve even greater results in the future.