Deity Magick II

Supplication Magick

The first and most obvious way for a magickian to work with deities is by asking them directly for help and assistance. This kind of supplication magick is obviously referred to as prayer in more spiritual traditions, but it is essentially nothing more than a technique by which the magickian can mentally offload psychic concern about a particular problem or need and replace it with the deliberately self-generated belief that his chosen deity will take care of the situation on his behalf.

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Most modern practitioners of this type of supplication magick maintain that it is the belief of the individual which brings the results, rather than the deity itself, but there are still some who have a sincere belief in the reality of their chosen deity. For practical purposes, neither position is any more effective than the other, and there are plenty of anecdotal reports about magickians who have prayed just as successfully to cartoon and comic book characters as they have to more traditional deities such as Ganesha, Lakshmi and Thoth.

Every magickian should feel free to practice supplication with their chosen deity in whatever way they wish, but those of you who would like more guidance may find it useful to adopt the following approach, which has been found to be particularly effective…

Create an Altar

Supplication magick tends to work very well if it is ritualised to some extent, and one of the best ways of doing this is to create an altar for your chosen deity. Your altar could be a shelf or table in any location (even outdoors if the weather permits) and can be decorated in whatever way honours the deity. For example, if you are working with the goddess Lakshmi, you might want to obtain a statue of the goddess to place in the centre of the altar, and decorate her surroundings with symbolic offerings of fresh flowers, lotus seeds, coins and incense.

Connect Regularly with Your Deity

Next, establish a twice-daily ritual of connecting with your deity. To do this, visit your altar, bring the palms of your hands together and bow to show your respect. If you wish, you can also recite any mantra at this point which might be associated with your deity (we will discuss the magickal use of deity mantras in the next part of this series).

As you do all of this, create the feeling that you are approaching the deity in person, rather than a mere symbol. Assume, at least for the duration of the time that you spend working with your deity, that he or she is just as real as you are, only with a great deal more power. This deliberate generation of faith in an all-powerful deity is what will bring you the results you seek, so set aside any scepticism that you may have and develop as much faith and belief as you can.

Make Your Request

When you have paid your respects to your deity for the very first time in the manner just described, make your request for whatever help or assistance you need. You should speak your request out loud, and your attitude should be appreciative. Establish the belief that your chosen deity has invited you to make any request you desire, and has already promised to fulfil it. With that attitude in mind, thank your deity for their generous invitation, and state clearly what you want.

Express Gratitude

You should only make any given request to your chosen deity once. After that, your subsequent visits to your altar should be to connect with them and express gratitude for their help and assistance. Connect with your deity as previously instructed, and then thank them for the fact that they are taking care of the request in their own time and in their own way. When your request has been fulfilled, give thanks to your deity again and, if you are so inclined, make your next request.

Prove It for Yourself

Supplication magick is not nearly as common as more popularised forms of magick, but it can still be incredibly effective. Of course, you should not take this statement on trust. Instead, consider adopting the approach outlined here for a period of 90 days and keep a diary of your experience and the results you gain from it. By doing this, you will prove the efficacy or supplication magick for yourself, and when you have, you may well choose to practice supplication magick for years to come.