How to Build an Inner Temple

Some magickians are fortunate enough to have a dedicated physical space in which they can study, reflect and conduct their magickal workings in complete peace and privacy, but those individuals are in the minority. The vast majority of magickians must work in physical space which is also used for mundane purposes, and in many cases that leaves much to be desired as far as aesthetic considerations are concerned.

Fortunately, magickians are not restricted to the physical plane, and anyone can build themselves an ideal environment for their magickal work on the astral. An Inner Temple (sometimes referred to as an Inner Sanctuary) is an environment that is built using your visualization skills for the purpose of spiritual retreat and work.

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Your Inner Temple does not have to be a ‘temple building’ as such, but it can be any place where you will feel relaxed, at peace and able to focus your energy on a regular basis. Here are some example Inner Temple environments which could be used for your magickal work:

– A stone circle in a remote area of natural beauty. Here the sky is clear blue (starry at night), the mountains are green and the air is fresh and invigorating. A nearby cabin offers shelter, and is simply furnished with an open fire, a comfortable chair, and any other items that you find necessary to make this environment appealing.

– A medieval castle, with as many rooms, hidden chambers and open dungeons as you would like. Flaming torches line the walls of this place, which offers as much silence and solitude as you could ever hope for.

– A personal ‘Garden of Eden’, with all manner of exotic plants and wildlife helping to surround you with the beauty of nature. In this kind of Inner Temple, there is often an open glade area where you can sit and carry out your energy work.

There are many other Inner Temple variations which you can choose to build, but the three examples just provided should illustrate that your temple doesn’t have to be a building in the conventional sense. With that fact established, you are now ready to start creating your Inner Temple – your personal oasis of peace and power. To do this, simply follow the guidelines below:

Go to a place which is quiet and where you will be free from distractions for at least half an hour.

Sit in a comfortable position, close your eyes and spend a few minutes relaxing your body.

When you feel totally relaxed, use your visualization skills to build your desired Inner Temple as clearly as you can. For example, if your temple is to be a stone circle at the top of a hill, see the details of the stones as you stand in the centre of the circle. Look out at the horizon in all directions, appreciating spectacular view. Breathe in the fresh, crisp air.

Having created your Inner Temple with as much clarity as you can, make the following declaration out loud: ‘I hereby sanctify this astral environment as my Inner Temple. It will serve as my personal oasis where I can come to be at peace with myself and the universe. It will be a place in which I can focus my spiritual energy and perform magickal workings for the improvement of conditions in my life.’

Now enjoy exploring your Inner Temple at your leisure. When you feel that you have spent long enough here, decide to return to normal waking consciousness and open your eyes.

Repeat this simple exercise every day for a week or two and your Inner Temple will soon begin to feel very real, and that is because it will actually gain density on the astral plane. You can then enjoy the fact that you have your own place of peace, power and privacy which you can use for magickal purposes at any time of the day night.