Working with Your Spirit Guide

Working with Your Spirit GuideIn the teaching entitled How to Contact Your Spirit Guide, you received instructions on how to meet with the non-physical source of wisdom, support and guidance that you have within you. Assuming that you followed those instructions, you may now benefit from some guidelines and suggestions on how to work with your spirit guide in an enjoyable and effective manner.

Your spirit guide can help you to make sense of your life in a way that no external book, course or guru ever can, and it is therefore to your advantage that you take your relationship with your spirit guide just as seriously as you take your relationships with your loved ones. You should also consider working with your spirit guide in a way that is both mindful and deliberate, as opposed to taking a random approach according to the fluctuations in your mood. Some general suggestions that will help you to do all of that are as follows:

Show your respect. Spirit guides are not to be worshipped, but magickians should always communicate with them in a respectful manner by being polite and attentive. As your relationship with your spirit guide develops over the months and years, you will find that it can acquire all the qualities of a deep friendship, but you should still remember that your guide is the voice of wisdom, and should not be disrespected.

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Meet with your guide regularly. The more often you meet and converse with your spirit guide, the faster your development as a magickian will be. You should meet with your guide at least once a week, and ideally once a day. Eventually, you may find yourself conversing with your guide even as you go about your daily business, but even then it is good to schedule fixed times to meet in your Inner Temple.

Consider your conversation topics in advance. When communicating with your spirit guide, you can ask for advice about situations or circumstances that you may currently be dealing with, for insight into your greater purpose of life and for general information of a magickal, metaphysical and spiritual nature. It is a good idea to plan what you want to ask or discuss before you meet with your guide so that you can make your time together more productive.

Keep a spirit guide journal. You should obtain a notebook in which you can record all of the advice and information that your guide provides in your meetings. The easiest way to do this is by writing notes after every meeting so that your journal entries are in chronological order by default. As well as writing down whatever advice your guide may give you, it may also be useful to record your feelings about that guidance, ideas about how you can apply it to your life and details of the results that you obtain by doing so.

Apply what you learn. This is perhaps the most important guideline of all, because if you don’t follow the advice that your spirit guide offers then there is little point in continuing to ask for it. Often a spirit guide will give advice which the magickian doesn’t particularly want to hear (advising one to refrain from smoking or intoxicants is a common example) but which is genuinely helpful and would be useful to the magickian’s development. You should be prepared for that and avoid allowing any of your own established patterns of unskilful behaviour hold you back from following good advice. Assess the advice that you are given with an open mind, and ask yourself if following it would improve your life without harming anyone else. If the answer is yes – and it usually will be – then you should follow the advice as it is given.

Adhere to the guidelines provided above and you will find working with your spirit guide to be both pleasurable and productive. Take your relationship with your spirit guide seriously and it will be one that could positively transform your practice as a magickian – and the results it brings – in more ways than you may currently dare to imagine possible.