The Magick of Affirmations V

Magick of AffirmationsThere is one more aspect of using affirmations that we would now like to talk about, and that relates to something called Identity Affirmations. An Identity Affirmation is one which you adopt as your own personal mantra and continue to use for as long as it is beneficial, whether that be days, weeks, months or even years.

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The key to this idea is to identify a specific desire you have and then adopt a personal word which represents that need having already been met. Then precede that word with I AM to create your own Identity Affirmation. For example:

– If you need more money in your life, a suitable Identity Affirmation would be I AM ABUNDANCE.

– If you need to cope with stress more effectively, a suitable Identity Affirmation would be I AM CALM.

– If you need to overcome a nervous disposition, a suitable Identity Affirmation would be I AM CONFIDENCE.

Other useful Power Words you may wish to consider using are:


When you have created an Identity Affirmation, you need to start using it. Doing this is very easy:

Each morning, say your Identity Affirmation out loud no less than ten times. Speak the affirmation with the appropriate emotional conviction.

For example:

– If your Identity Affirmation is I AM STRENGTH then say the phrase with a feeling of strength.

– If your Identity Affirmation is I AM ENTHUSIASM then say the phrase with a feeling of enthusiasm.

Once again, this brings emotion into the magickal routine, and will make the method much more effective.

Repeat this process at some point during the day and once again in the early evening. Regular repetition of your Identity Affirmation will lead to the word becoming a part of your psyche, and the results you gain from this simple idea can be dramatic.

You should adopt one Identity Affirmation at a time to begin with, and only go on to adopt a second and third when the first one has become a part of your identity. For example, if your first Identity Affirmation is CONFIDENCE, then only move on to using another word when you have the level of confidence you desire.


The Magick of Affirmations is something which you can use to totally transform your life. It can bring you benefits in all areas of life, including health, finances, career, relationships and spirituality.

By beginning and following a scheduled program of deliberate affirmation, such as the ten-week Magick of Affirmations Program detailed previously, you can take total control of your life and start experiencing the lifestyle you most desire.

You have the knowledge. Now it is time for you to use it and prosper.