How to Contact Your Spirit Guide

A spirit guide is a non-physical source of wisdom, support and guidance that all human beings have access to, but relatively few people are aware of this and even fewer learn to make contact with their own guides. As a practitioner of magick, you cannot afford to overlook this remarkable source of knowledge and guidance, so in this teaching you will learn how to contact your spirit guide in a straightforward and direct manner.

[Please note that you should have created an Inner Temple before attempting to make contact with your spirit guide, so if you have not already done so, you should study and apply the content of the teaching entitled How to Build an Inner Temple.]

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Spirit guides can manifest in various forms, so some people have divine guides, some have human guides (which may be male, female or hermaphrodite), and still others have animal guides. The exact nature of spirit guides is impossible to define with any level of certainty, and individuals in different magickal traditions will often have different explanations for who these guides are. Some say that they are genuine spirit beings from the astral realms, other say that they are spirits of departed human beings, and still others prefer to think of such guides as representations of an individual’s own Higher Self or intuition.

Whatever your point of view on the precise nature of spirit guides, the instructions for contacting your own spirit guide are the same, and as follows:

Go to a place which is quiet and where you will be free from distractions for at least half an hour.

Sit in a comfortable position, close your eyes and spend a few minutes relaxing your physical body.

Now visit your Inner Temple and situate your astral self in a location where you would like to meet your spirit guide. Ideally, it should be a location that has plenty of space and which will allow you to converse with your guide for as long as you want to.

Spend a moment or two grounding yourself in your chosen location by taking several slow, deep breaths.

When you are ready to meet your spirit guide, simply close your astral eyes and mentally request your guide to reveal him or herself to you.

Now open your astral eyes and allow your Inner Guide to manifest before you. The figure may appear to be in the distance and come into focus as it approaches you, or it may appear fully focused to begin with. Whatever the case, note how relaxed and at ease you feel as your guide gets closer.

Having summoned your spirit guide, the first thing that you should do is thank them for responding to your invitation, and the second thing that you should do is ask for a name by which you may address them. Once a name has been given to you, be sure to use it.

From here, you are ready to communicate with your spirit guide on any topic you wish, and to ask as many questions as you would like answers to. Often your guide will give you answers on the spot, but occasionally the answers may come to you at a later time from another source.

Spend as much or as little time in conversation as you like, and then bring the meeting to an end by thanking your spirit guide for all of the wisdom that you have received.

Now that you have met with your spirit guide, you are in a position to begin working with that guide in a deliberate manner for the purpose of developing greater insight into and improving various aspects of your life, and that is something that we will discuss further in the next teaching.