Deity Magick III

Deity Mantras

In many traditions, deities are associated with specific mantras. These are words or phrases which are meant to be repeated over and over as a way of paying respect to the deity and earning their favour. Such chanting of mantras is a daily practice for devout followers of certain deities, and it can also serve as a very useful tool for those who practice deity magick.

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Finding Your Deity Mantra

The first step to using deity mantras is to identify any mantra which is traditionally associated with the deity you are working with. It is a good idea to conduct some research into your chosen deity no matter how you intend working with him or her, and this simple study will often reveal any associated mantras which you may then consider adopting for magickal purposes.

For example, if you have chosen to work with the Hindu goddess Lakshmi, your study would reveal that she is often associated with the Sanskrit mantra Om Shreem Mahalakhsmiyei Namaha. Similarly, the deity Ganesha is just as often associated with the Sanskrit mantra Om Gum Ganapatayei Namaha, whist the Virgin Mary of Christianity is famously associated with the Hail Mary prayer, which is just as often recited as a type of mantra as it used as an actual prayer.

Should there not be a mantra which is associated with your chosen deity – either because mantras are not typically used in their particular tradition, or because you have opted to work with a non-traditional deity – you can formulate your own. To do this, write a short one-sentence prayer or salutation which pays respect to your deity and summarises what you hope to gain from your deity magick practice. Should you wish to make your mantra sound a little more exotic, consider translating it into the language associated with your deity, using an online translator.

Using Your Deity Mantra

When you have found the mantra that you wish to use, you can begin doing so. There are no hard-and-fast rules concerning this, because the idea is that you should simply chant the mantra as often as possible. Chant out loud if you can, but if not, chant mentally, and if your situation allows you to do so, try focusing on your deity at the same time. Of course, if your concentration is tied up with other matters, you may still chant the mantra in a more passive style.

Mantra magick is practiced by many, and it tends to be most effective for those who practice sincerely and frequently. Many traditions consider it proper to chant 108 repetitions at a time, and mala beads can be obtained to help you count your repetitions without having to do so mentally – simply roll one bead of the mala between thumb and forefinger each time you chant one repetition, and when you have completed one whole round of the mala, you will have chanted the mantra 108 times.

For those practicing deity magick, it is recommended that you aim to complete one to ten mala rounds per day, according to how much the activity resonates with you. The more you chant your mantra, the more effective the results will be, and even repetitions which aren’t formally counted will benefit you, so you should also feel free to chant as you go about your daily business – when showering, walking, doing household chores, etc. – if you would like to make the most out of this technique.