Good Luck Magick

Imagine the scenario…

It is Saturday evening and you are watching the television when the latest lottery numbers are flashed up on the screen. You casually check your ticket and discover that you have all of the numbers that are required to win the jackpot. All you have to do now is make a telephone call to claim your prize and you will be a multi-millionaire. The rules of your current ‘game of life’ have suddenly and dramatically changed. No longer will you have to think about money and how much you have. You now have the financial wherewithal to focus your mind on other issues. And all because of one incredible moment of good luck.

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Good luck comes in different forms to different people. As illustrated a moment ago, good luck often manifests itself as a financial windfall, but there are many other ways in which good luck can affect your life. You might bump into people or stumble into situations that benefit you and everyone else concerned. You might hear about a book or manual which addresses a topic you want to explore at exactly the right time. You can make a seemingly random decision which dramatically and beneficially alters your current destiny.

Take a look at the people who live their lives in the spotlight – celebrities, businessmen, entrepreneurs and politicians – and you can usually see at a glance those who enjoy good luck and those who do not. People who have good luck experience life as if blessed with a non-stop winning streak. Actors get starring roles in major movies – sometimes after being plucked from total obscurity. Politicians succeed in securing peace in regions where their predecessors failed miserably. Businessmen clinch deals which secure their success for decades to come.

People who do not have so much good luck have very different stories to tell. They often work just as hard – if not harder – as their lucky counterparts, but nothing seems to go quite right for them. Actors lose their parts or star in movies which bomb at the box office. Pop stars have arguments which bring their careers to an early demise. Politicians say the wrong things at the wrong times and create more tension where they had intended to create peace.

Examine your own life and it will be obvious whether or not you are experiencing good luck. If good luck is on your side then you will find that everything is working together for your good – often in coincidental or unexpected ways. It may seem as if nothing that you do can go wrong. If good luck is not on your side, however, the opposite will tend to be true. Everything will seem to be conspiring against you. Try as hard as you might, it may seem as if nothing you do ever works out quite as well as you had hoped.

According to many people, luck is something which is beyond their control. Indeed, many dictionaries define luck as the tendency of a person to experience good or bad events by chance. Whilst this definition serves it purpose for most people, it is far from accurate from a magickal point of view. The fact is that nothing occurs by chance. Even seemingly random events have a cause. It is therefore sensible to redefine luck from our more magickal and occult perspective, as follows:

Luck is the automatic response to our automatic affirmations about life.

In other words, luck, which can be viewed as the seemingly random events and situations which affect your life either negatively or positively, are merely automatic responses to the affirmations that you have automatically (or subconsciously) made about life on a daily basis.

Think of life as a magickal vending machine and you will understand this definition even better. Whatever you put into the vending machine in the form of thought-energy will determine what the machine dispenses at the other end. Insert thoughts, affirmations and expectations of how much good luck you enjoy and the machine will dispense circumstances and events which are in line with your lucky self-image. If, on the other hand, you insert thoughts, affirmations and expectations about how unlucky you are, the machine will dispense circumstances and events which are in line with your un-lucky self-image.

Now it is vitally important that every magickian realises his part in this process. Although the ‘magickal vending machine’ (which in this metaphor symbolises the universe at large) dispenses negative situations and events to some people, it does so only because these people have asked for such events and situations through their negative affirmations. Similarly, when it dispenses huge, lottery-winning piles of good luck to other individuals, it does so only because those people have been emanating huge, lottery-winning thoughts and affirmations.

The universe is therefore totally unbiased. People are not singled-out to be blessed with good luck or cursed with bad luck. Rather, you yourself put in your request to be lucky or unlucky according to the thoughts, affirmations and expectations that you put out on a regular basis, both consciously and subconsciously. The universe then honours that request. It really is as simple as that.

When you take this new understanding on board, you will come to realise that good luck is not a quality which bestows itself randomly on people, but that it is an actual vibrational rate of occult energy which you can learn to develop through the deliberate use of specific exercises.

Consider your thoughts and affirmations as having specific frequencies, much like a radio. If you habitually turn the dial to the vibrations which correspond to negativity, failure and lack then these are the only radio stations that you will be able to listen to. However, by learning to turn the dial to the vibrations which correspond to success, optimism and abundance then these are the radio stations which you will be able to listen to on a regular basis.

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