How to Attract Your Soul Mate

For centuries, magickal practitioners in all traditions have used their knowledge of the occult arts for romantic and sensual purposes, and one of the most common goals pursued via magick is the attraction of a soul mate. This is a person who is said to be connected with the magickian on the soul level. How such connections come to be is a matter of speculation, but many believe that they were formed in previous lifetimes. Whilst you may or may not yet know your soul mate in the physical realm, on the non-physical you know them very well indeed.

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To discover more about your soul mate, relax and imagine what your ideal partner would be like. Imagine how they would look, how they would speak, and how they would relate to you. Then bring to mind the qualities of personality and character that your ideal mate would have. Would they be quiet and shy, or confident and outgoing? Would they be daring and adventurous, or more reserved and home-loving?

Combine all of the qualities that you have just imagined and you will have the perfect description of the soul mate who awaits you. Whilst they may or may not have appeared differently in previous lifetimes, this is how they appear now, and according to tradition, your desire for their current form is designed to help you recognise them when they finally appear in your life.

Attracting your soul mate via magickal methods is not as difficult as many would imagine. After all, your soul mate wants to meet you as much as you want to meet them. You should therefore adopt a relaxed attitude about the matter as you carry out the following mind-magick exercises on a daily basis:

Morning Summoning

Every morning, close your eyes and imagine an empty landscape, then visualise a figure standing in the distance. That figure is your soul mate, and when you have stabilised their form, imagine reaching out to them with mental energy and gently pulling them towards you. Repeat the phrase, ‘Come to me,’ over and over as you carry out this magickal attraction visualisation for approximately five minutes.

Evening Reunion

Every evening, retire to bed in your normal manner, then close your eyes and imagine the same empty landscape as you did in the morning. Again, visualise the figure of your soul mate in the distance, then imagine reaching out to them with mental energy and pulling them towards you. This time, however, you should also imagine your soul mate actually approaching as you attract them. Continue until you are close enough to embrace, and then do so. Experience the feeling of joy which arises as a result of you being reunited with your soul mate, and then bathe in that feeling of completion as you allow yourself to drift off to sleep.

These two simple exercises are all that are required to attract your soul mate on the non-physical level. Practice them consistently every day, and be sure to prepare yourself physically for your eventual reunion on the physical plane. This means taking care to look your best and attending social events which may make it possible for your soul mate to reappear in your life. Proceeding in this manner, their arrival may occur within days, or weeks, or it may sometimes take longer, but it will surely happen.