Pendulum Divination

According to the dictionary, a pendulum is, ‘a body suspended from a fixed point so as to swing periodically under the action of gravity.’ As far as practitioners of magick are concerned, a pendulum is also a very useful tool for divination, and in that context, a pendulum consists of a weight attached to a thin cord or chain which is used to obtain information about the future.

A pendulum is an excellent tool for divination for two major reasons:

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1 – A pendulum is truly portable and can be discreet carried anywhere and everywhere in either pocket or purse, or even on the person as a necklace.

2 – Using a pendulum requires no detailed knowledge. All that is needed is the ability to follow a few simple instructions that will be provided in due course.

Some people are under the impression that a pendulum is something of a ‘magickal tool’ tool in and of itself. This is not the case at all. A pendulum is a divination tool and nothing more. Any ‘magick’ that takes place comes from the individual using it, not from the pendulum itself.

Consider a carpenter’s hammer. By itself, it is relatively useless, and no matter how long it is left on a bench, it will not pick itself up and hammer a nail into a piece of wood. But combine the tool of the hammer with the knowledge of the carpenter and hammering a nail into a piece of wood is simplicity itself.

So it is with the pendulum. On its own it can do nothing, but when it is used correctly by a magickal practitioner, seemingly magickal results can take place.

Another misconception is that a pendulum is only useful if it is of a certain size or if the weight is made of a certain material. Again, this is not so. You can make your own pendulum from materials that you probably already have in your home in a matter of minutes and get just as good divinatory results as you would by using a pendulum which has been professionally crafted. It may not be as aesthetically pleasing as a professionally manufactured model, but as far as results are concerned, all pendulums are equal.

Making Your Own Pendulum

Having dispelled the ideas that a pendulum has magickal properties of its own and that it needs to be constructed in a specific way to be beneficial, there is no reason why you cannot make your own pendulum.

To do this, you only need two things: a length of chain or thin cord and a small weight of some kind. The cord could be a piece of string and the weight could be a simple ring or hex nut, but don’t be confined to these suggestions. What we do recommend is that the chain or cord (a chain will be assumed from this point) should, for ease of use, be approximately eight to twelve inches in length.

Secure your chosen weight to one end of the chain and your pendulum is ready for use, and instructions on how to start using your pendulum for divination purposes will be given in the next part of this series.