Recommended Titles

This section of Kreafy’s Library presents recommendations of books and courses which will be of interest to those who wish to further develop their practical knowledge of magick, metaphysics and the occult arts.

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The Art & Science of Magickal Creation

This comprehensive home study course British magickian Daniel Keaton was first published in the United Kingdom in 1998, and will take you from Neophyte to Adept (beginner to advanced) levels in an enjoyable step-by-step way. It does not rely on any traditional system of Magick, but is a brand new system in its own right – a system that can be applied by anyone regardless of their religious beliefs or spiritual persuasion.

The Art & Science of Magickal Creation is not merely a course in theory. It is, above all, a course in how you can use genuine Magick in your daily life in order to achieve real-world results. That being the case, you will not have to believe in anything in order to get results – simply apply what you learn and the results that you get from doing so will speak for themselves!

The Complete Tarot Kit

How to Create and Use Sexual Tulpas

In this remarkable guide, Leval Montaine reveals his complete method of sexual tulpa creation and use in a practical and easy-to-follow format. Tulpas have been used by magickians for centuries, but the secrets of their creation have always been well-kept. This guide blows open the doors of that historical secrecy, and is written in modern, accessible language so that the information revealed can be applied by anyone. No prior knowledge or experience of magick or the occult is assumed. Simply work through the guide, follow the instructions as presented and you will soon be interacting with a sexual tulpa of your very own.

The Key to Power

The Key to Power is a unique course of 12 Power Levels which combines specially-developed energy-magick techniques with a step-by-step real-world implementation strategy to create the most powerful self-development program we have ever seen. Originally written to be of interest and benefit to everyone, The Key to Power does not explicitly discuss magick, but those of you who are regulars here at Kreafy’s Library won’t fail to see the principles that are being employed in the program. This combination of powerful (albeit non-explicit) magick and more conventional strategies for change makes The Key to Power a program that will work for anyone and everyone.

The Power of Imagination